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It’s been a while since I’ve done some odds on a race, but since I’m going and the field is fairly thick up front, we’ll take a crack at this one.   I know most in the field as friends, so it’ll be easy right? What I know so far. Ian Sharman,  12:44 Tony K, 13:16 Hal Koerner, 13:27 Me…14:27 Bill Fanselow was coming, he’s done now, probably around 15:30 or less.  Mike Wolfe was coming too, around 16 ish. Liza Howard took the women’s record down to 15:33. Jurek Dropped, Zach Dropped ( I think, but not sure) That’s all I got now, full results will come later.  The Men: 1.  Anton Krupicka  2-1.  It wouldn’t be right to put Anton anywhere else.  Apparently he’s been running strong, has run here before around 13:30.  That’s enough for me to give him the nod.  100 mile is not his “best” distance, [...]

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And now we’re off to Italy for the Skyrunning Championships.  A 42k run with 4000 meters of climb, yah, that’s bigger than the Speedgoat race.  The UTMB race was cancelled due to inclement weather and a possible landslide.  Pretty disappointing, but a reasonable decision for the race committee to make.  We’ll report back with more info as it comes to me.  Well, I’m off to Chamonix in about 2 hours….10 hours of flying, for 20 hours of running thru the most beautiful race course on earth.  2500 runners from around the world, and a highly competitive race.  This year the US has 4 guys that could win it.  Me being one of them on paper, although I don’t consider myself a contender for the cowbell.  I won’t do odds because there are too many European runners I don’t know.  The guys I do know are listed below and my two [...]

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That’s 165.70 in miles!  The Jerker finally has rebounded taking “Fat Boy’s” american 24 hour record down, and Rae Clark’s “absolute american record”…whatever that means. !  We’ve been waiting for Scott to do something big….well, he did something big!   Hell of a run Scott!  Congrats on an incredible effort!  Maybe we’ll see you back at UTMB so we can all redeem ourselves there too.   I think he’s pretty psyched…well deserved my man!