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The site is looking a little funky, BC is doing some work.  It’ll be back to normal soon! Well it’s puking here in Utah, the Great Salt Lake is throwing us a long look at big lake effect snow. A quick reminder that I’ll be running on snow for the next 5 months…..yeeehah!   Alta, at the top of the LCC funnel recieved 46″ since Tuesday!….and the Bird will open tomorrow for some Big Emma Bowl runs! The Lithia Loop Trail marathon in Ashland. The Rogue Valley Runners have another cool race in town…and here’s the odds! The womens race should be the best! Susannah Beck 7-2. She’s the fastest in town, and after a blazing season, she’ll take this one too, once the ladies are over the first big climb, Susannah takes off. Katie Cabra 5-1. She has good speed and should challenge, the two girls around her (1st and 3rd), [...]