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For me that is!  Performances continue to be stellar! My 20 day hiatus from running in December had done me good!  My legs turned fresh again, and I was ready to roll.  I started back up and in two weeks, I was up to speed, feeling good and ready to have a decent run at the Moab 50k+ on February 13th.  I am still running Moab, but it’s starting to look like I’ll be in for just the fun of it,  as the past week I’ve logged a big 0 for miles.  Why?…You’ll have to ask me on the side, but things are improving and I should be back running in a few more days.  The real question is:  Do I have that “autopilot” mode I know all too well?, or am I actually out of shape?  No Joe, I’m not sandbagging.  I’m by no means out of shape, but [...]

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It appears as though the HURT 100 mile record has gone down AGAIN.   Gary Robbins and Tracy Garneau appear to have both broken previous records.  Gary by just 16 minutes, Tracy by alot more than that.  What is this world coming too?   Or am I just getting old?   20:12 for Gary, 24:06 for Tracy.  Nuts!  Another performance of the year performance, and it’s only January 16.   I still need a confirmation as I’m dumbfounded.  In a brief conversation with my dad about “Ultrarunner of the Year“, he mentioned to me how all the guys in the top 10 were quite a bit younger than I.  Me being 42 ( I was voted 2nd ) and most of the others in there early 30′s or 20′s.  Maybe I should move forward to the Masters Division?  I just can’t think that way, I feel alot younger than that, at least in my brain. Congrats [...]

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On Monday morning Ultrarunning Magazine will announce the “Ultrarunners of the Year”.  Who’s it gonna be?  All we know is that it’s a tough vote.  So many variables, so many races, so many different circumstances, so many different courses.  I could go on and on and on, but I won’t.  Tune in Monday morning after I see the results for my two cents on the voting.  Some will rank higher than expected, some lower, some will see no love, some will be loved.   All for what?  Yah,  recognition, but not even a buckle?     Like many other races, the Speedgoat 50k is filling much faster than last year, it’s amazing how this is evolving in our world.   If you don’t like a beating stay home, if you do….register here, but read the instructions first to get an idea of what it’s like….it’s no picnic!  …..or is it?  Picnics are fun stuff.  [...]