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One of my favorite 100 milers happens this weekend in Virginia.  The Massanutten 100.  This race is a rocky one and moderately hilly to my standards.  Total climbing in the 18,000′ range.  The course is somewhat different this year, starting at a different location. It should be a real competitive race up front.  Noone reallly sticks out in my mind, but whoever comes out on top, it’ll be close.  My picks: 1.  Todd Walker…..He’s due to win Massanutten, too many times he’s been close. 2.  Dan Barger…..He’s familiar (unfortunately) with 2nd in his last few 100s, I give Todd the nod because of MMT experience. 3.  Sean Andrish…..He could easily sneak away on a good day, he’ll probably lead early. 4.  Harland Peele…..If he’s fresh and ready, he’s my sleeper to win. 5.  Joe Kulak…..He’ll win the race to the keg, but comes up a little short on the win. [...]

scream web studios | Websites como deven ser

The Mt.Masochist 50+ Miler ison November 1st and the field looks tight, we’ll see if I can pick’em after my long Hiatus (sp?). 1:26pm Saturday. Eric Grossman continued his tear at wins taking the race in a smooth 7:08, comfortably ahead of Gary Robbins. Justine Morrison had aneasy day for the ladies as at this point, she’s the only one done! Nice run Justine, you banked today! 8:27 took it. Hit the link below to check the splits as the race is ongoing right now. The mens race should be abattle! Zach Miller 3-1. Won it before and will more than likely return in good form, more course knowledge won’t hurt Sean Andrish 3-1. Another with the most local Knowledge and many fast Masochist times. He just has to have a good day and hang tough till the end. Eric Grossman 3-1. It sounds like Grossman is in, his fast [...]