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Well, my plans for 2011 are finally shaping up, I’ve plunked down all the cash I have.  Hopefully I won’t break my arm climbing over some dead tree again. The lineup: 1.  Rocky Raccoon 100:  I’ve never run this one before, so I thought since it’s 100 miles, I’ll go see what kind of shape I’m in.  We’ll see if I’m recovered now after the Red Bull Human Express.  The Hellgate 100k showed I was not ready yet, but I am feeling better and a bit more speedy now….so we’ll see.  I hear Mr. Krupicka is running too in Texas.  He’ll be flying, so no pressure on me. 2.  Antelope Island 100 mile:  This one is still up in the air as Coyote Two Moon is the following week, but I may see how Rocky Raccoon goes and take it from there.  Running two 100s in a row would be [...]

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All predictions aside, I think I nailed this one! Geoff Roes and Betsy Nye both came out victorious in the end.  I wasn’t kidding when I said it was gonna be a burner! While hanging out last weekend with Hal and Geoff talking about this year’s race, the three of us knew it would probably take a record to win it.  We also knew it would probably be one of the three of us.  Well, we were right.  Two of us went under the old “fast” record of Kyle Skaggs (19:35).  Geoff took it to another level breaking the record by only 65 minutes!, leaving the front of the field early at “Charlie’s Corner” at about mile 20.  It was the last I saw of Geoff all day.   Hal did not have his best day but still managed to squeak out 6th place.  I managed to be the “chaser” all day [...]

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This year’s Wasatch 100 is lined up to be a burner.  Not only will it be warm, ( at this point ) but the heat, dust, and dry overgrown conditions should make it an interesting race to watch, and more interesting to run up front.  It’s a tough one to pick. The way I look at it there are 5 guys who could run away.  More than likely it’ll be one of the 5 guys on the top of the odds list.  It’s fair to say it may take a record to win this year.  Kyle Skaggs is hanging on to the record at 19:35 and change.   This could be the race that decides the “Speedgoat of the Year”.  The Men: Geoff Roes  7-2.  Returning champion with a 20:01 to his credit on his first run here.  He’s focused, he’s been sleeping high in Colorado for two weeks, and is now sleeping high [...]