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Ahhhhh….Way too dry!  Full results here:   Let it rain, snow, or just be freezin’,  I need some type of advantage for this one! And the Odds are: First off, this is a tough one.  The results of previous years was coming up moot, so I’m rolling with what I know!  Also, this year’s course is slightly longer to make a perfect 50k, so all the times I refer to in this list are as if they would be run on the old course, (to make it a bit easier for me). Erik Skaden  4-1.  He’s no rookie here, and it’s about time he won something big.  He knows the course well with his Western experience and local knowledge.  It’ll all have to click. Eric Grossman  5-1.  He always seems to run fast, every race, even without competition.  This race has the comp and should push him even faster. Paul Dewitt  6-1.  He’s got [...]