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With the big turkey day upon us, think about running far today.  Coming next week is the North Face 50 odds!  This should definately be a hot race to follow.  Hopefully, I’ll have some connection in Cali to get me the results.  I’m working on that.  With $10,000 on the line for the winner, it’s sure to be fast.  The Men’s and Women’s races will both be tigth, right from the start. The Speedgoat 50k online registration will begin on January 1st, 2010.  We’re still hoping to get 200 runners in this crazy race.  11,000′ of climb is all I should need to say to get 200 of you here.  Trust me, it’ll entertain you!   Watch the video here, let us entice you a little bit.  On my own end of things, I’ve found it entertaining to flip through a few blogs and read about the Western States Track Meet Lottery, [...]

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When I started Ultrarunning, I had two guys I wanted to race…..One was Eric Clifton.  Eric was so fast I had to go test myself against him to see if I had what it takes to succeed in this silly sport.  I beat Eric the first time I raced against him at the Crown King 50 mile….only to be beaten at the finish by Dennis Poolheco.  A few months ago I noticed a guy named Ben Hian had run a race in California.  I don’t remember if he won, but he ran fast and it reminded me of my first ever 50 mile race at the Leona Divide 50 in 1999.  I won that race edging out Tom Nielsen by a scant 1:25.  I didn’t go there to race Tom.  I went there to race Ben Hian.  At the time this guy was the fastest and seemingly unstoppable.  He didn’t [...]

scream web studios | Websites como deven ser

Preparation for the AT assaultis coming together, the RV is in the house (outside of the house) and the Backcountry.com wrap is being designed. Training wise: Yah, I’ve been running every day, the real training will be after the WS track meet, where I’ll go hiking alot instead of running, it’ll be nice to slow down once in a while. The biggest concern is the tracking device from SPOT, it works well, but some details need to be improved for it to work the way we want it to. Our friends at SPOT and BC.com are working to provide the ultimate tracking tools to make this adventure not only fun for me, but fun for all to watch me suffer. I like to suffer! Check out our AT command center at whereskarl.com for some new video and info leading to the 2174 mile adventure. We are now 26 days from [...]