Broken…Bruised…Battered, but not beaten yet…

June 7 2010, 12:37 pm

Let me explain:  first, I’ll say “battered” should be “broken”, cuz my shoulder is broken now too. 🙂  See you all at Hardrock!

The last 6 weeks have been tough.  Crashing backwards climbing over a dead tree started it all at Zane Grey.  We all know I broke my arm there.  The status on that is “very slow improvement”.  I bruised my ribs falling on my cast in a random situation 4 weeks later. The Status on that is, “much quicker improvement”, and almost out of the picture.  That’s cool.  Battered?  I crashed on my left side again, and had to protect the arm and ribs.  So, I used my left shoulder to break the fall.  I rolled once over a rock, it dug into my neck and shoulder.  My guess is either a blown rotator or a traumatic blow to the muscle, which is not allowing me to raise my arm while holding it out straight.  I can raise it wing style….we’ll see what happens Tuesday when I see Dr. Toronto. 

These injuries all stemmed off the fall at Zane Grey, none of the three injuries are “running injuries”.  I think the running gods are testing me to see if I can handle training in pain.  The gods lose, I can train in pain, and feel it’ll make me tougher again when Hardrock comes around in a month. 🙂 Positive thinking.  The gods haven’t beaten me yet!

The Speedgoat 50k is now full, sorry to all of you who procrastinated, next year we’ll try and raise the limit a bit, and bring in some more prize money.