Finally, odds for running on the moon!

February 11 2009, 6:17 pm

The results are in:

1.  Dave Mackey  3:58.50   YET ANOTHER COURSE RECORD!!
2.  Tim Parr  3:59.33
3.  Speedgoat Karl  4:13.14
4.  Ryan Burch  4:16.09
5.  Dakota Jones  4:32.49
6.  Phil Kochik  4:34.22
7.  Kevin Schilling  4:38.51
8.  Justin Ricks  4:43.28
9.  Kevin Koch  4:44.42
10.  Chris Munro  4:53.59
1.  Anita Ortiz  4:48.27
2.  Samantha Sigle  5:07.40
3.  Helen Cospolich  5:10:12
Full results here

The Red Hot 50k can’t be any hotter falling on “lovers day 2009”.  The competition (as always) will be just as hot!

Dave Mackey  3-2.  Every race Dave runs, he shows up ready.  This course is great for him…if he doesn’t get lost.
Chad Ricklefs  3-1.  Next in line to Dave.  Chad posesses the speed to hang with Dave on the road, but Mr. Mackey floats over gnarly terrain better than Chad…and Chad can’t get lost.
Justin Ricks  4-1.  After boasting a 15:58 5k recently,  his speed is present, he could challenge for the win if he runs well…and if he doesn’t get lost.
Phil Kochik  5-1.  Another guy who possesses sneaky speed, but he’ll need a special day to win it…and the other three ahead to get lost.
Tim Parr  6-1.  I don’t think trails are his specialty, but he’s quick, and probably ready to race….but he can’t get lost and lose any valuable time.
Kevin Schilling  7-1.  Kevin is another sneaky fast guy, who on the right day won’t be too far behind the leaders…providing he doesn’t get lost.
Speedgoat Karl  8-1.  He’s got local knowledge, and his speed is coming back, but not yet, he’s saving it for those 100 milers.  But he won’t get lost, cuz’ he knows every nook and cranny of this course….he still might get lost.
Rob Macal  8-1.  Another fast guy who hasn’t raced much, but has speed to contend….but he’s gotta follow the trail. 
Ryan Burch  9-1.  He’s run here before and is quite fast, but not fast enough to compete to win, unless the others get lost.
Jared Campbell, Erik Storheim, and Tim Long should round out the rest…hopefully they won’t get lost too!

The ladies race is quite different:

Anita Ortiz  5-4.  She’ll run away easily.  She ran 4:30ish last year, and should have a few beers down before the next girl comes in….unless she gets lost.  
Helen Cospolich  6-1.  Certainly next in line if she follows the trail

And that’s it for now,  Pemberton is not as interesting,   But look for Josh Brimhall to run away with it there.