I guess I’ll run another 100

November 18 2009, 11:16 am

Well, the plan was to run the North Face 50 in San Francisco.  Due to a weak webpage and updated runners list,  I didn’t get the invitation or money in, in time.  So I bagged it.  I don’t feel I am qualified to compete for the $$ anyway, so I decided I’d go run another 100 miles to get rid of this nagging periformis issue I’ve been having.   The one thing I’ll be missing is chasing the front of the women’s race in the Marin Headlands…..not to mention the original plan was to go visit some good friends in Ashland before the race.  That’ll have to wait for another road trip.

So another 100?  Why not?  I feel fine, other than the periformis.  The periformis hurt before the Pinhoti 100 two weeks ago, only to go numb by mile 40. It stayed numb until the following Wednesday. Funny how running a 100 miles for me gets rid of injuries instead of creating them.  I am truly a freak sometimes. 

The Chimera 100 is the race, it boasts 24,000′ of climb.  I figured that sounds like another 20 hours of fine trail running in California.  It also gives me a chance to win at 100 miles for a 6th time this year.  NO, I’m not cherrypicking races, (if anyone out there thinks I am) I’m running this one cuz’ I have nothing better to do that weekend and it looks like a fun course.  Unfortunately on the competition side, most of the faster guys will be in San Fran the week before.   The beauty of it is I get to run all day supported, they only get to run 7-8 hours.  So I win! 🙂    Funny how my brain thinks that way. 🙂

The Speedgoat 50k is rapidly approaching the opening of registration, that’ll be on January 1st.  Sign up early and commit this time, or take the risk and sign up later.  Either way, it’ll be a fun day at Snowbird Ski Resort running on one of the most beautiful courses this planet has to offer.  Check out the video of the race here.   Some day when my site takes a u-tube video, I’ll have it here to view.  At least the link works! is constantly having sales these days, with coupon codes, deals and motivation to get the gear we need.  Click the goatman on the right hand corner above and check out this week’s specials.

Also, the JFK 50 mile is happening Saturday.  It should be a great race to follow.  Team Rogue Valley Runners are looking to win yet another team title with Ian Torrence leading the way with the most JFK finishes.  His team consists of Hal Koerner, Josh Brimhall, Scott Jurek, CR holder Eric Clifton, and Ian himself.   The dream team is set.  Enjoy!  I”m goin’ runnin’