I’m still shaking my head!

January 17 2010, 2:20 pm

It appears as though the HURT 100 mile record has gone down AGAIN.   Gary Robbins and Tracy Garneau appear to have both broken previous records.  Gary by just 16 minutes, Tracy by alot more than that.  What is this world coming too?   Or am I just getting old?   20:12 for Gary, 24:06 for Tracy.  Nuts!  Another performance of the year performance, and it’s only January 16.   I still need a confirmation as I’m dumbfounded. 

In a brief conversation with my dad about “Ultrarunner of the Year“, he mentioned to me how all the guys in the top 10 were quite a bit younger than I.  Me being 42 ( I was voted 2nd ) and most of the others in there early 30’s or 20’s.  Maybe I should move forward to the Masters Division?  I just can’t think that way, I feel alot younger than that, at least in my brain.

Congrats to all that have now finished and will be finishing in the next 14 hours.  Enjoy the stellar meal at the country club.  First class all the way. 

And now that you’ve finished ( or will be finishing the HURT 100 ) enjoy the rest,  it’s well deserved.  Now we can watch Mr. Greg Crowther see if he goes under the record at the Rocky Racccoon 100.  It wouldn’t surprise me, what are these guys doing……levitating? 

In a few days the drawing is held for the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc.  Geoff Roes and I are both on the list to hopefully get in and give the Europeans another shot at kicking our american asses.  I think Geoff and I have other plans on that one.

Don’t forget the Speedgoat 50k is filling fast, click here to find all pertinent info on the toughest 50k in the US.  And now theres some prize money to entice you fast “young” guys out there. 

I better go run, cuz’ if I don’t start training hard now, I will be a master!