Massannutten 100 this weekend

May 12 2010, 4:58 pm

One of my favorite 100 milers happens this weekend in Virginia.  The Massanutten 100.  This race is a rocky one and moderately hilly to my standards.  Total climbing in the 18,000′ range.  The course is somewhat different this year, starting at a different location. It should be a real competitive race up front.  Noone reallly sticks out in my mind, but whoever comes out on top, it’ll be close.  My picks:

1.  Todd Walker…..He’s due to win Massanutten, too many times he’s been close.
2.  Dan Barger…..He’s familiar (unfortunately) with 2nd in his last few 100s, I give Todd the nod because of MMT experience.
3.  Sean Andrish…..He could easily sneak away on a good day, he’ll probably lead early.
4.  Harland Peele…..If he’s fresh and ready, he’s my sleeper to win.
5.  Joe Kulak…..He’ll win the race to the keg, but comes up a little short on the win.
6.  Mike Mason…..Another guy who could be close with a good day.
7.  Aaron Schwartzbard…..tough call, but he’ll be in it.
8.  Kieth Knipling…..If he’s fit, he could win, he’s got it in him.
9.  Chris Reed…..He could surprise everyone, he ran pretty well last fall at Grindstone.
10.  Mark Tanaka…..The mystery man from out of town.
11.  Steve Anderson…..trained by a goat.

Doing real “odds” with this field is really tough, as all these guys listed could pull it off.  Although, I don’t see any records going down, only a “new” course record as the route has changed a little.  Follow the race, it should be interesting.

I have no clue as to who will win the women’s race…..maybe Ragan Petrie?

On another note:  

The Pony Express Trail Run is moving forward, my crew is being assembled nicely. More details on that when they come available to me…..I’m just the crazy guy who thinks 1840 miles isn’t that far. 

I’m really psyched on my new shoes, The Hoka’s, for all my races and the Pony Express Trail.  Hopefully in a few weeks, they will be available for purchase.  I do know that Boulder Running Company, Wasatch Running Center, and Salt Lake Running Company will be expecting some soon.  How many?  probably not enough the way it’s looking, so if you are interested in changing your running style to something comfortable, check back periodically as I’m gonna post the day they will be available, and when they’ll be in stores. 

The Speedgoat 50K is still open, only about 50 spots left if you want to endure some pain, it should fill quickly from this point, so keep paying attention. 

In the meantime, today was my 8th run in a row.  The legs are coming back already, so fitness levels are improving.  In 10 days I may or may not run the Jemez 50 Mile.  It all depends on what the x-ray shows next week.  The catch is:   if I do run, it’ll be a fun run and not a “race”.  It would be too risky if I crash on the wrong arm….it’s already happened once a few days ago.  Although all is well, it was a quick wake-up call and reminder to SLOW DOWN on the downhill.  It’s hard to resist running downhill in the Hoka’s, it’s too fun…

That’s it for now—————–