Off to the other “Moon”

February 27 2010, 9:59 pm

This coming weekend, the Coyote Two Moon 100 mile and 100k will all begin early Friday morning March 5th.  What’s unique about this race?  Both races run simultaneously with staggered starts.  How cool is that?  I get to start last, 3 hours behind Jared Campbell.  I’ll start at Noon on Saturday and have 22 hours to get er’ done.  If I don’t finish by 10am on Sunday morning, I don’t make the cut-off…..not make the cut-off?  Yah, I better keep on moving.  This race boasts 28,000′ of gain, up and down the Ojai ridge, all under the light of a full moon…well….. almost full.

It all begins on Thursday with the traditional “Ray Miller Loop” at Pt. Mugu state park, from there we’ll go bowling where we’ll consume some beverages hoping to earn “bonus minutes”, from king doofus himself, Chris Scott, the RD.  A talent show, a few meals, and off we go into the darkness.  Nothing like another day at the office for me, it’s only 100 miles! 

Well, I made the 11 hour drive straight to Pt. Mugu, jumped out of the car and threw down Ray Miller Loop #1.  Loop #2, starts in an a few hours, then we’ll put on the bowling “game face”.  In the Meantime, check out Wednesday night’s talent show winner!

Here I am with the leaders Twirlybird hat in 2008, on my way to victory in 19:24!

Don’t forget to register for the beating at the Speedgoat 50k on July 31, the race is filling faster than ever nearing the 50% full stage.  The goats are out there, you should be too!