We are almost there!

December 29 2009, 8:22 am

Just a few more days till registration goes live for the Speedgoat 50k!  Reserve your spot for the toughest 50k in the US.  After some new mapping, I’ve found there to be 11,945′ of climb and descent. Throw in a few rocks, snow, scree, billy goats on the ridge, and 200 crazy runners, and we’ll have a race for $500 bucks!

We are also close for the announcement of “Ultrarunner of the Year”.  There’s been lots of talk about last year, and how many stellar performances there were.  They were everywhere, from the flats to the mountains.  Big wins with big comp, big wins with little comp, fast performances all around.  Who’s it gonna be?  We’ll find out in a few weeks at 

Next year?  Still somewhat debating, but I’ve managed to send in 3 apps so far…..Hardrock, Mt. Blanc, and Wasatch.   The only tough one is Mt. Blanc.  Hardrock and Wasatch are guaranteed for me, so I can’t complain.  Hopefully we’ll have strong competition at these two races.   Of course Mt. Blanc will have some fast Europeans.  Maybe if I get in, I can see how fast Mr. Jornet really is…cuz’ I don’t think we really know yet.   It’s time for the US boys to show a presence there.  We haven’t had our best runs there yet.

I haven’t run since the Chimera 45ish race.  I’ve been on a battery recharge for the past few weeks.  This is the first time I’ve taken a significant time off after a long season.  My batteries are now 95% charged, once the last 5% loads, I’m heading out, and never turning back…. even to see if someone is on my tail.  As I get older, I’ll probably be looking forward more often.  🙂

Thanks to all my personal sponsors for jumping on board for 2010.  Red Bull, La Sportiva, First Endurance,  Nathan hydration packs, Ryders Eyewear, Petzl, and  Without these guys, I couldn’t do what I do.  It’s an honor to have a line-up of sponsors like this….the best in the business! is now having the after Christmas blowout sales, so check it out if Santa didn’t bring every request down the chimney, I’d be willing to bet has what you need.