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This weekend brought me to the Bear 100 to crew a long time friend, Petra Pirc-McDowell.  It’s been an eternity since I’ve posted anything on my ancient blog, but this time I figured, what the hell.  After seeing many folks at the Bear 100 fight, struggle and swim in the mud, it deserved some love.  Congrats to Brian Peterson on a fine win, just under 19 hours at 18:59.24.  Congrats to Anna Frost for doing what she does, and shaving some time of a stellar record, previously set by Bethany Lewis.  Anna ran 20:59.24, shaving 16 minutes, and Congrats to Petra for finishing the 100, 11 years since her last one eleven years ago.  Her time gave her some sore quads, and third place in 25:45.51.  The mud was ridiculous once it started raining.  A shoe sucking nightmare.  Anyone who finished this year is a hero in my opinion.  I’m [...]

scream web studios | Websites como deven ser

For a quick listen on my failed Appalachian Trail record attempt in 2014.  Go check out the Talk Ultra page on Facebook.  I’m too lazy to post a final report here.  :-)  Well, I’m not really too lazy, but it’s just easier to listen to the interview.  Enjoy, and return soon for an update on when the Speedgoat 50k date for 2014 will be, and other random mumbo jumbo.

scream web studios | Websites como deven ser

For live results, go to We have live results rolling RIGHT NOW, check it out, Sage Canaday of Hoka One One is out in front on record pace,  Anna Frost leads for the women, barely ahead of Kasie Enman.  Keep tuned for live results..baaaah!

    Speedgoat 50k
    The flowers are out, the field is thick, go to IRunFar and check out my video predictions. Bryon does a great job lining up the field for me, I’m going to bed. See ya all Saturday and watch it live on IrunFar..