Speedgoat 50K
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Results are In!

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The race will start promptly at 3pm on Friday, July 8th at Creekside Entry. (Snowbird Entry 1).

Total distance for the Vertical mile is 6.4 miles, with 5400’ of vertical climb.  There is no descent.

The race will start at Creekside and ascend the Snowbird Service road with intermittent singletrack to the top of the Peruvian Express lift.  Once each runner arrives and uses the aid station, a time stamp will stop the time, and the runner will board the ski lift to the bottom of Snowbird.  Once the runner reaches the base, the time will start after exiting the lift.  The second climb will consist of 100% of steep singletrack to the summit of Snowbird.  Total time while running will then be you’re final result.

Vertical Mile Course Map found HERE


The race will start at 630am on July 9th at Creekside Entry, (Snowbird Entry 1)  A course map can be found HERE.  Follow the link instead of me describing every turn.


The Speedgoat Quadbanger will start on the summit of Snowbird at 11am.  Runners will be loaded onto the Tram at the Tram dock at 1030am and 1045am.   This race is a total of 10.5 miles, with a total vertical drop of 10,400’, Course Map found HERE

After runners descent the service road and singletrack trails to the base of the Peruvian Express Lift. Runners will use the aid station, then upon loading the lift to go UP the mountain, time will stop while on the lift.  Upon exiting the lift, time will begin again.  We will be using this lift 3X.  The Quadbanger route can be found HERE.

Race will end at Creekside Entry, (Snowbird Entry 1).  Total cumulative time will be the end result.

Any runner completing all 3 races over the course of the weekend, will receive a special award.

Registration instructions for all 3 races are on Ultrasignup found HERE.

Day of registration is not available for any of the 3 races.

Vertical Mile Check in will be at Creekside between 1pm-245pm on Friday July 8th.

Speedgoat 50k Check in will be at Creekside between 5am-615am on Saturday, July 9th.

Speedgoat Quadbanger Check-in will be at the SNOWBIRD CENTER (at the tram dock) between 930am-1030am on Sunday July 10th.   Be aware, this is a different location than the other two races.  Runners, after checking, will load the tram to the summit of Snowbird to start the race at 11am.

Snowbird offers reduced rates for all Speedgoat runners.  To book a room, call  1-800-453-3000, which is Snowbird Central Reservations and mention you are running the Speedgoat races for the discount.  Rooms sell out quickly, so make sure you at least reserve one early.  You can always cancel later.

Keep in mind there is NOT a camping option at Snowbird.  Because of the Watershed Protection, camping or sleeping in you’re RV or car is not permitted, and Snowbird Public Safety will kick you out.  I suggest camping at either the Tanners Flat Campground, 2 miles down the hill from Snowbird, or Albion Basin Campground 4.5 miles up the road at Alta.


Once the race starts, it will be marked with WHITE PIN FLAGS ONLY.  There are NO wrong way marking, nor are there any other colors to follow.

Runners will be checked in and out of the aid areas when loading and unloading the lift.  Time is always running unless you are on the lift.

The first climb is 2500’ of mostly service road, in 4.1 miles.  The second climb is 2900’ in 2.4 miles, a total of 6.5 miles.  This IS NOT a one mile race. Awards will be given instantly upon completion.

In the event of inclement weather, especially thunderstorms.  The lifts may NOT run.  If this is a potential hazard, the race “could” be cancelled at any moment.  If weather is slightly cold, expect the lift ride down to be a chilly one, especially if it’s raining.  A light jacket is recommended.  We will do the best we can to warn runners of any inherent dangers with weather.


The race will start promptly at 630am.  No exceptions.  If you are late, tough shit.

The race course is found HERE:

The 50k is marked with blue pin flagging with HOKA on them.  Also with fat blue ribbon, also with HOKA on them, and we use yellow caution tape for “wrong way” trails.  DO NOT follow the yellow Caution tape.  We also have marshalls throughout the course, we also use flour in a few locations.  If you do not see a marker within 1/3rd of a mile, turn around.  We use more marking then any other race.  If you make a wrong turn, it was probably operator error.  We have not had many occasions of tampering.

50k Aid Stations:

Hidden Peak #1, Mile 8.9.   Full aid station

Mineral Basin #1, Mile 10.7  Full aid station

Pacific Mine, Mile 15.8.  Full aid station.  You are not allowed to drop here.

Mineral Basin #2, Mile 20.8.  Full aid station.  Cutoff time is 145pm sharp, a lift out will be provided in the event of a drop out.

Tunnel Aid, Mile 22.9.  Full aid station. Cutoff time is 315pm.  A lift ride to the base area will be provided in the event of a drop out.  This is the last cutoff.  Make this one, and I’ll wait for ya.

Hidden Peak #2, Mile 26.4.  Full aid station

Finish Line, Mile 32 ish…..Ultragen, Pizza, and drinks await.

We DO NOT have drop bag service.

Crew access is available at Hidden Peak and the Tunnel.  No crew access is allowed at Mineral Basin or Pacific Mine aid stations.  If crewing is seen at these aid stations.  Said runner could be disqualified.


Check in is at the tram dock.  Entry #2 at Snowbird between 930am-1030am Sunday.

Runners will load the tram at 1030-1045am on Sunday morning, Once arriving on the summit, we will wait a bit and start promptly at 11am. Runners will be following ORANGE flagging ONLY.  There are NO wrong way marking, nor are there any other colors to follow. A few marshalls will be in place.  Please be aware of guests of Snowbird hiking on the mountain.  After the 4th descent, runners will follow the Creekside service road to the finish line, where popsicles await.


Will consist of standard Fare for most ultras with a mix of fruit, EFS Gel, EFS Drink from First Endurance, and Red Bull will provide all delicious flavors.  There is no need to carry much food on your own. We also promote a cupless race, so please, use your water bottle or some other means of drinking. You are NOT allowed to put your mouth under the spout.


In the event you may choose to drop out.  It is advisable to let us know. If you fail to let us know, we may just send a search and rescue helicopter for you, which could cost you a fortune.  Do not leave the course without us knowing.


  1. Snowbird is a pristine mountain environment. Littering is NOT allowed outside 100’ of aid stations.  If you choose to throw a wrapper down outside these parameters, we may disqualify you.
  2. NO STEPPING on vegetation off the trail, once again, it’s pristine, let’s keep it that way.
  3. Restrooms are provided on Hidden Peak. Use em’.
  4. There are NO DOGS allowed in Little Cottonwood Canyon….Anywhere! You MAY NOT leave your dog in a car either. There is a $500 fine if caught, and it will jeapordize the future of the Speedgoat races.  Leave your dog at home as I did.  Sucks, but it’s a reality.  Only speedgoats are allowed.
  5. No aid between aid stations.
  6. No special Drop Bag service from crew.
  7. Headphone ARE permitted, so crank it up, but please be aware of sorroundings when overtaking another runner, or if you are overtaken.
  8. Any runner seen cutting a switchback will be disqualified
  9. Any foreign runner who earns cash, will be subject to tax initially when paid on race day.
  10. We recommend all runners carry a water bottle. If you do not carry water, don’t’ blame me for being dehydrated, some aid stations, for some runners can take upwards of 3 hours.


  1. After the 50k starts, any spectators should go directly to the tram dock for a FREE ride to the summit. All volunteers will be doing the same and have first right to get on, but enough trams will bring all spectators to the peak.  If any spectators miss these first few early trams, a public tram will not load until 11am, and the fee will apply.
  2. Keep in mind you are in the mountains and at high altitude. Weather can change dramatically very quickly. Bring a jacket or other appropriate attire in the event of inclement weather.


Google it, from anywhere in the world.  Google “Snowbird Ski Resort Utah” If I can do it, you certainly can. For those who lack basic google skills, you can click here to map it.


Any further questions, email me at speedgoatkarl@gmail.com, and I’ll answer questions quickly.

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