Coaching Services

Coaching Services

mt-olympus-photo-2I am currently offering online coaching services for any runner who wishes to improve their running.  Whether it’s on a road or up a mountain trail, I can help. I will teach through consultation, weekly evaluations, training plans and race strategies to help you perform at a high level.  Learn techniques on how to be extremely efficient when running you’re first Ultra or your 25th.

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For more information about Coaching services, please email me at  Use the message line “Coaching Services”.

I am now accepting payments using PayPal. Now go run!

Full Coaching Services:

I offer coaching services tailored to your exact specifications.  We will build a plan customized for you taking into consideration your current fitness, experience and life schedule. Services are based on a specific time frame, normally ranging from 6-12 months or even longer.  I have found that clients can achieve greater success by building a long term relationship with their coach.   There is no limit on email consultation and I will update and write the bi-weekly schedules for you. This continuous monitoring and adjusting insures an accurate progression towards your goals.  Whether your goal is to move from the road to the dirt, experience your first Ultra or to win the World Championships, I can help get you there.

The fee for monthly coaching is $200 per month.  No 3 month commitment is necessary, just your commitment to report and to run.  I am now accepting clients for the 2015-2016 season.

Training Schedules Only:

I will write you a training schedule for a specific time frame based on 3-month increments.  This will include email and phone consultations at the beginning and end of each session and a pre-race strategy conference.  I write the plan, you go out and run the miles.  The cost is only $325 for each 3-month schedule.  This is an excellent tool for someone who is disciplined but lacking in Ultra experience.  There are NO LIMITS on “openings” for 3 month personalized training schedules.