In 1989, I moved to Utah to become a “ski bum”. I was always a runner in high school, and one of those kids who was pretty good at just about every hand-eye coordination sport that we could come up with. After one season, and skiing approximately 120 days, I decided to stay in Utah to see how fun summer can be living near the Wasatch Mountain Range.

I started running in the summer of 1990. Although I was always a runner in school, I hadn’t run in 3 years, and was feeling a bit out of shape. My first run was up in higher Little Cottonwood Canyon near Alta, Utah. From that day on, I became a “running bum”. 🙂

I did continue to ski each of the next 7 years, roughly 100 days a season, but became more and more addicted to the running bug. Each season I would work as much as possible to save money, then take summer’s off so I could run as much as possible, and race a few times over the summer.

My biggest race of the year soon became the Pikes Peak Marathon. My best finish at Pikes Peak was 4th and 4th. (I doubled in 1998). From this point on, I became an ultrarunner with a passion for going as far as possible, as fast as possible, while enjoying every minute of it.

My first Ultra came in 1996. A friend of mine recommended the Wasatch 100. I entered with the goal of simply to finish. I finished that first 100 mile run in 28:26. From this point on, I have now completed 89 Ultramarathons in 96 starts and 12 trail marathons.

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I am currently an online Ultramarathon coach, teaching thru consultation and training plans. I’ve been coaching since 2007. I feel this is a great way to help others achieve their ultrarunning goals and desires.