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Below are the products I use on a regular basis.  There is no bias here to sell things.  Use what you like, but if you want to use what I feel is the best on the market, click the link and try em’ out.

I’ve teamed up with Jameson Coffee in Indiana and created “Speedgoatkarl’s 100 mile blend.  A rich, bold coffee, with a super smooth finish.  It’s not like a French Roast, just super clean and tasty.  Go to, to pick some up. Great for a stocking stuffer too!

These are the Hoka One One “Bondi B” model.  These are what Hoka calls the road shoe.  As we all know, I don’t run on roads, only mountain trails, but have found that the sole provides more than adequate protection from rocks and roots.  They are hands down the most comfy shoes on the market. Give em’ a try and you’ll be pleasantly surprised as how comfortable these are.  Time to fly!  Buy em’ here

I’ve been running in with Ryders Sunglasses since 2001, and find these to be the lightest glasses around.   These have superior air flow,don’t fog up on those long nasty climbs, and cling to my face perfectly. Ryders has many models to chose from.  Casual or sport, the beauty of it too, is they won’t break the bank on ya!  Buy em’  here

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Red Bull gives me wings!  Available everywhere.


I”ve been running with first Endurance nutrition for 10 years, and have found nothing compares to how well it works.   My favorite of the bunch is “Ultragen”. Ultragen is the recovery drink  used daily after each run. With this stuff, go run 2o miles, then continue on with your day, it really is amazing.   EFS gel, EFS drink, all provide a load of energy unsurpassed in the industry.  Great stuff.  Become a client of mine and recieve 20% off all FE products.  Check out all FE product here

This pack was created by Bryce Thatcher, the best innovator of ultrarunning packs and handhelds.  The pack is called the “Impulse” from Ultraspire, a new company that recently just hit the market.  The Impulse is super light, has small sleeve pockets for essentials, and a ring on the back to adjust to all body types, preventing the pack from bouncing at all.  The speed clip on the front, also makes it super easy to take on and off.  This is the perfect fanny style pack for 100 mile races, my specialty!  Check out all Ultraspire products here

Drymax socks are the real leaders in durable footwear.  These socks wick moisture away unlike any other, and at the same time, guard the foot from water.  They kick ass to say the least.  Check out all Drymax socks here

I”ve been using Saltstick electrolyte capsules for years now, and have found they are super effective in keeping my electrolytes balanced. We’ve also been using them at the Speedgoat 50k for 6 years now, and it wouldn’t be the same without em’.  Buy em’ here: