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Track meet coming soon, the Western States-Speedgoat Odds have arrived 75


The Western States 100 will certainly be a great race to watch.  Put your reading glasses on folks, this one’s gonna take a while.  If I pick em’ even remotely close, it’s all luck, cuz’ it doesn’t get any tougher than this one, and all my research on every runner listed below comes straight off the cuff.  I did not look at any runners results from the past 6 months.  Let’s see how I do this time.   The field is so stacked, creating an actual “odds” is nearly impossible, but here it goes.

1.  Geoff Roes 2-1. He won it last year, ran 15:07, hasn’t lost at 100 miles yet, has beaten everyone below,  and I can bet he feels less pressure as a previous winner than any other previous winner.  His attitude towards racing these things is perfect.  He let’s it evolve and runs his own deal.  He’s got the speed to be at the front…no shit.  He’s wearing the #1, and I expect to see him wear it with pride and kick some arse.

2.  Killian Jornet 5-2. We all know Killian was racing up front last year without a water bottle.  I would expect that to change.  He’s the fastest downhiller in the field, and is not afraid to race at the front all day.  He’s young, fast, and the best mountain runner on earth right now.  Even though I don’t consider Western States to be a real  Mountain run with only 17k of climbing he’s sure to be out front fast and furious.  As long as he doesn’t pee his morning coffee, he’ll be the man to beat and probably the most competitive out there.  I would imagine also that he’s got a little unfinished business at Western too.

3.  Nick Clark 3-1. Nick has been running super fit all year.  He recovered so fast after his fast run at the Jemez 50 in May, he’s sure to be in the mix all day.  He’s matured to a stellar ultrarunner over the past few years, and this is his chance to really put the hammer down.  His speed is also solid now, and after his 4th place finish last year with a strong finish, he’s sure to be in the mid 15’s or lower.

4.  Hal Koerner  7-2. Two time winner and probably  having his best season so far.  He never goes away under that visor and knows the WS course as well as everyone else.  He’s not injured this year either, which makes him that much faster.  This is his chance to throw down a sub 16 and give himself a chance, not to mention, he’s probably the most stylish runner in the field.  If you don’t know him, you’ll see.  Go get em’ Hal!

5. Dave Mackey  4-1.  Dave at this point is the top dog for the US Ultrarunner of the Year.  He won Bandera real fast, American River real fast, and Miwok real fast.  He rarely loses, but hasn’t run as many 100s as the few guys above.  He ran WS a few years back when Scott Jurek set the course record. Dave ran 16:30 ish and had a few issues.  Look for him to take a few tips from me and keep his stomach settled.  If it stays settled, I’m way off putting him 5th here.  And he’s wearing Hokas, so his legs are not gonna hurt when he’s flying down to the river at top speed.

6.  David James  5-1. Dave has thrown down some sick times at various distances from 50k to 100 miles on the circle.  He’s not afraid to take chances being near the front, and this course not being technical at all will help him a bit.  He’s not afraid….

7.  Mike Wolfe  11-6. When the Wolfeman is on his game,   he’s really hard to beat.  His stride is smooth as silk, and he was real close to Dave Mackey at Miwok a month and half ago.  If he nails it, he can win too.  His 3:28 at Miwok, although only a 50k, also shows alot of speed in those legs.

8.  Sim Jae-Duk  6-1.  If he can throw down a performance like he did on me at Massannutten a few years ago, he’ll be tough to hang on to.  He’s got great leg turnover, and this is a turnover race.

9.  Tsuyoshi Kaburagi  7-1. He’s done it before and was tough at the end.  Look for him to be focused and the first one from the other side of that big pond.

10.  Jez Bragg  8-1.  He’s got it in him, but really has to nail it to be near the front.  He ran a great UTMB “fun run” last year edging out Mike Wolfe.  He’ll be the fastest Britt easily.

11.  Mike Foote  9-1. Mike came out of nowhere and broke Roes’ record at the Bear 100 last year.  Even though Geoff was off course for a bit, it showed he’s super tough, and you gotta be tough to deal with the heat.  The only thing lacking is heat training in Montana, if it’s been anything  like Utah lately, he’s got NO heat training.

12.  Ian Sharman  10-1.  Ian ran 12:44 for 100 miles at Rocky Raccoon.  If that doesn’t tell us something, we’re all blind, but this race does have some hills, and it may not be his ultimate strength, but it would be damn impressive to run top 10.  If he looks like he did at RR, he’ll be further up this list.

13.  Ryan Burch  11-1. I’ve been told he’s in great shape right now, and he’s pretty speedy.  Will he take an early risk and stay near the front early….I don’t think so, and he  hasn’t run too many 100s yet.  Who knows he’s quick.

14.  Scott Jaime  12-1. He gave up Hardrock, his favorite race, to join the track meet, hopefully he’ll kill it under Lucho’s guidance.   Another guy who has the speed to be up front, but will he even go there and put himself in the mix?

15.  Andy Jones-Wilkins  15-1. For the first year in his illustrious WS career,  he finishes out of the top 10, at the same time though, he knows what he’s doing out there, and how to run this course as well as anyone.   He’s always strong at the end and should scoop up a little carnage if he’s still rolling after he crosses the river.

16.  Todd Braje  16-1. Super speedy and has a gracious stride, but 100 miles is not necessarily the distance he does his best.  If he has  his day through the canyons and still feels good on Cal Street he’ll mop up a little carnage too.

17.  Tim Olson  17-1. He’s run a few 100s, and does well, but somewhat of a rookie at this distance.   Another guy that could easily crack top 10 if he hangs tough.

18.  Dan Olmstead  19-1.  Speedy but not a 100 mile specialist.

19.  Glen Redpath  22-1. Not fast enough to be out front, but like AJW, a textbook 100 mile runner and could easily prove me wrong.

20.  Michael Arnstein  25-1. Second at JFK, that means he’s a fast road runner, but this is dirt.

Others to watch:  Chris Reed, Lewis Taylor, Allen Bellshaw, and Pukin’ Joe Kulak to barf 25 times, he does hold the record for that.   Certainly my sentimental favorite to run top 10.

I’m sure I missed a few, and there are always a few mystery men out there.  Some of these guys are even gonna get chicked, cuz’ the women’s race is hot too.

The ladies race:

1.  Ellie Greenwood  2-1. She  just keeps on killing it, so she gets the nod from me.  Not holding the #1 bib is probably good, and keeps pressure off of her a bit.  If she holds together in the heat, she takes it hands down.

2.  Kami Semick  3-1. She really hasn’t done alot this year, but it’s about time she runs a good 100.  Although she hasn’t run many 100s, I’m feeling some love for her now. She’s due to nail a race, and this would be a good one to nail.

3.  Tracy Garneau  4-1. Great race last year, but not a particularly fast time, so it’s gonna be tough to repeat  with the two girls above her listed here.  We’ll see, I haven’t seen much from here after WS last year……maybe cuz’ I don’t do research.

4.  Joelle Vaught  9-5. It’s her turn to win something big and this is her chance.  She seems to keep on winning the shorter races, and if she brings her speed this year, she’ll be right in the mix.

5.  Anita Ortiz  5-1. She uses this race as a tune-up for the Speedgoat 50k next month, where she can win some prize money.  :-)   She’s won this one before though, and if she’s fit and un-injured, she’ll be right at the front with Ellie all the way to Auburn…. but gets outkicked.

6.  Aliza Lapierre  7-1. East coast standout (I think).  Wins most races there and if the altitude doesn’t affect her she’s one to watch, and I would bet none of the girls in this race know her too well.  She’s pretty quick.

7.  Nikki Kimball  8-1. She’s been the one to beat in the past, but times are changing, like they are for me too.  If she’s fit, I hope she proves me wrong.

8.  Annette Bednosky.  9-1.  Another east coaster that if she has a good race, can easily run top 3.  Not sure on her fitness level though… I’ve done no research.

9.  Meghan Arboghast  10-1. She continues to kill it at age 50, but comes up a little short at the end.  Still makes top 10 look easy.

10.  Helen Cospolich  13-1. Sometimes a mystery, ran well at Miwok but fell off the pace and lost a fair amount of time by the end. If she holds together, she’s another veteran who can run top 3 easily.

Other ladies to watch:  Amy Sproston should easily prove me wrong, she’s my sleeper to run near the front,  Rory Bosio, Catherine Todd from Dubai (heat is her strength), Becky Wheeler and Luanne Park

There you have it….and if you’re having a hard time finding a pair of Hokas, look no further! now has them and are ready to ship!  Find your Hokas here! Punch in “Hoka One One” in the search box and pick a pair up now, cuz’ they are gonna go fast….

On another note, I think we’ll be packing skis in runners drop bags at the Speedgoat 50k on July 30.  Snowbird has a base of 138″ this morning at 9600′, and it snowed 7″ yesterday.  What the…..  :-)   Check out a recent interview I did over at footfeathers….100 miles is not that far!

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  1. Devon says:

    I like your list a lot. I agree with you about AJW. Finally he slips out of top 10. You’re incorrect about Michael Arnstein though, didn’t win JFK. Got passed at the very end by Greg Crowther, awesome finish.

  2. So, are we claiming Nick Clark as an American? Otherwise, he’s first Brit. Agree with you though, what an effin’ field of studs.

    • karlmeltzer says:

      Nick lives in Fort Collins and has an accent. :-) once again…”off the cuff”

      • Nick Clark says:

        To clarify: I live in Fort Collins, am of British upbringing, have dual nationality (British father, U.S mother), and have a British accent that becomes increasingly diluted by the day.

        I pick and choose my affiliations and loyalties as the circumstances dictate. For the purposes of WS, I’m playing the Brit and Colorado cards.

        I’ll be quizzing you on all of this in three weeks time at 13,000 feet as we cross some god-awful mountain pass in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

        • karlmeltzer says:

          I knew that Nick, after I posted that. Sorry bout that. I fixed it. You would certainly be the first Brit if you choose that route.

          Hopefully I’ll be ahead of ya and you won’t be able to quiz me during the race. :-) Hit me up with all the questions you want. The WS HR double record is yours for the taking. AJW will be proud.

          Have a great run at WS!

        • Dave M says:

          Oh my gawd.. “am of British upbringing, have dual citizenship..” if that ain’t a comment from a limey then nothing is. Under that grizzly adam’s facade nick’s sporting a butler’s tuxedo.
          Lon Freeman is running has a top resume, and Braje may be the fastest guy out there. Pam Smith, Meghan Arboghast and/or Anita will podium.

          • karlmeltzer says:

            Nick gets the nod over ya, because he ran a faster 1st Western, that’s all I can come up with. :-)

          • Dave M says:

            Karl, I didn’t mean that I should be ranked higher than Nick or anyone.. just having fun on the nationality claims! Great to see the diversity and international representation.. see you guys up/out/on there..

          • karlmeltzer says:

            It’s all good! Lon Freeman didn’t get much love from me, I guess I should have thrown him in the mix too. Braje is super fast, but not much 100 mile experience, that’s the only kicker.

  3. George Zack says:

    As solid of odds that anyone will put out there. This race is so full, so much of this is a “pick ‘em” push.

  4. Steve Pero says:

    Karl, maybe someday we can discuss your tips for keeping the stomach happy, I get sick even when I run easy! Though not as bad…
    Would be nice to see Hal pull it off in that field…
    Looking forward to the Speedgoat, found out on the drive home yesterday from SJS50 that I’m now in Hardrock, so recovery will be an issue for this old man. Speedgoat’s gonna hurt!
    See you in Silverton :-)

    • karlmeltzer says:

      Nice Steve. Chicken Boullion is one of my favorite things to keep my belly at bay. I never really have problems, but every time I drink a few shots of that, my stomach feels coated and much better. We serve boullion shots at Speedgoat, you should be fine. :-)

    • congrats and good luck, steve!

      WS is completely stacked — can’t wait to see how it all plays out. damn i wish i could be there…


  5. Amy says:

    Annette isn’t running. Pam Smith should be plugged in in her place.

  6. jason nixon says:

    No love for Pam Smith,Im sure everybody knows somebody you left out,but barring major catastrophe she will be top ten,most likely top three.I would bet an autographed pair of worn out nikes against an autographed pair of of Hokas she makes top three.

  7. karlmeltzer says:

    Jason, yup, I missed her. I always miss someone. Sorry bout that.

    No Nike’s for me, they make road shoes, this kid-oldman, doesn’t run on roads. I’ll work on the autographed Hokas for ya though. Thanks for filling me in.

  8. Bryon Powell says:

    Karl, when are you going to mosey over to iRunFar and enter the prediction contest? Slightly different format than odds, so it should be fun to try.

    • karlmeltzer says:

      Alright, my predictions are in on the comments on Irunfar. I’ll donate my prizes if I win though, cuz’ I don’t do Montrail or Mt. Hardware. I like comfy shoes. Just kidding….run in what you like, that’s the most important thing. :-)

      • karl, as i followed you and another guy up red mountain on saturday i couldn’t help but notice i was the only one not wearing those pillow shoes :)…

        it made me feel… short.

        • karlmeltzer says:

          makes my stride longer….:-) Running downhill is so much less painful, they really save the legs for later in the race.

        • Jay says:


          No joke. At one point during the Dirty Thirty, I looked up and the three guys in front of me all had on Hokas. There were so many out there.

          I think Hokas are not actually shoes at all but a weird looking form of alien invading the earth with no goal short of world domination. They’re multiplying at an alarming rate. Be warned.

  9. Moogy says:

    No love for Jason Loutitt, the HURT winner this year?

  10. Charlie says:

    Watch out for Beth Cardelli from Australia in the womens field Karl. She has taken out many of the big trail races here in Australia for the last 2 years including 2nd overall in a very tough 100 miler last year.

  11. Karen Vollan says:

    I will be working the Foresthill aid station and can hardly wait. I hope Ian has used his training grounds of the Bay area to prepare for the hills; if he’s ready, it willl be an interesting day. With the snow conditions this year, my money is on Roes and then Jornet. I have no idea who to root for in the woman’s field because I like them all!

  12. Dan Bleakman says:

    As a fellow Brit, we’ll claim Nick :) Just putting a call out for our runner from Ultra168, Andrew Vize.

    Keep an eye out on Beth Cardelli too from Australia. She may surprise a few of the above…

  13. James Brennan says:

    Nypaver will be top 10 and just guessing will make 80% of the photographs…just sayin’. Hal will have some company as prom king.

  14. Karl: I always love your odds. A runner you may have overlooked, or maybe not: Shaun Pope from Ohio. Young guy and really fast. Has been training in the mountains from what I heard. Won Ice Age a few months ago to qualify in for Western. Very limited 100-mile experience though. We’ll see.


    • Chad says:

      Don’t forget Shaun’s girlfriend Sandi Nypaver on the women’s side of things. Former Grindstone and Mohican winner…also won ice age this year. Hopefully Ohio will be well represented this year!

    • dave says:

      I hope Ohio has a great day at states but having spent the fall there I can attest to the fact that those bunny slopes in CVNP are not proper hill training for a west coast race ;). Mark and Connie never had great runs at States either despite their incredible careers. West coast racing is an entirely different ball game.

  15. Hal Koerner says:

    I wasn’t going to do the visor, but since you have me at 7-2 and off the podium I’m breaking it back out.

    Tough to pick and I see all the top guys finishing as well!


    • karlmeltzer says:

      I would love to see the Hat Trick from Mr. Koerner! You’ve had a great season so far! It’s really hard to pick this one, anyone on the top 10 here could take it on a great day. 7-2 still doesn’t pay much, at least if you win, you’ll be a richer man than those others 3 ahead of ya. :-)

    • Dave J says:

      Haha! I stole my wife’s white visor for this one ;). Can’t wait to see you out there Hal, heard you are having an awesome season! Who let Todd B in this race by the way, guy crushed me at the 50 Mile Nationals last October!

  16. Buzz says:

    I agree with your odds. Although it’s a rare day when Dave is 5th.

    • karlmeltzer says:

      Exactly, how hard is it to pick this one? Mackey 5th, c’mon. He just hasn’t run many 100s, that’s the only reason, we all know he’s gonna be near the front.

  17. Collin says:

    I’ve thought AJW would finally miss out on top 10 for the past couple years. There’s always at least 10 guys that strike me as being “faster” than him, but this year, I’ve finally seen the light. He’s probably the most consistent 100 miler out there other than you (Karl) and even if there’s 20 guys running WS with better 100 mile PRs and better ultra speed, at least half of them will blow up and he’ll still end up coming in somewhere around 7th to 10th. I’m calling him at 9th this year. Geoff, Kilian, Nick, Hal, Mackey, Ian, Jez, and Tsuyoshi will beat him, everyone else will be behind.

  18. footfeathers says:

    Thanks again, Karl, for the interview.

    Just found out yesterday that Sandi Nypaver is in deed running WS. She’s only 22 but won Mohican 100 and Grindstone 100 (course record) last year. She just won Ice Age 50 last month in 7:30 as well. Super tough and steady runner.

  19. Brett says:

    Kilian ran a marathon around town in San Francisco a couple days before WS last year. He also was not far removed from running through the Pyrnees and didn’t carry any water. Throw a hot humid blanket over the top 10 and whoever’s stomach holds up best wins. :)

  20. Rob Youngren says:

    The WS record will either be pushed under 15 hours this year or the top speedsters will bust (a common story at WS). Safe money is on Roes, but Killian with a WS under his belt will be a tough customer. Expect this to come down to a sprint finish!

    BTW, I’m sold on the Hoka Bondi. Been wearing them through my last high mileage weeks (avg. 117 mi/week) in preparation for Badwater and my legs have never felt better. Even wore them at a 3 day trail stage race this past weekend and they did awesome on all sorts of gnarly terrain. These will definitely be my new “Vitesse” for running ultra distance! Any chance of Hoka expanding their team? ;)

    • karlmeltzer says:

      The Bondis kick ass. When the Vitesse was the shoe back in the day, I always wanted them to make a slightly wider sole…now we have it, Frenchy style. :-)

      Not sure on the team thing, contact Nico Mermoud, maybe you would be the perfect east coast ambassador.

  21. Brett says:

    Am I reading right on the websites that Hokas are $200/pair?

    • karlmeltzer says:

      close, 170 for the Bondis, those are the ones you would want. Not the waterproof ones that are 188 ish. they are pricy, I will say, but they will last longer than most shoes. I run about 450 miles in a pair before I get a new pair. the sole will wear down a bit, but the actual padding is still all there, which at least for me, is what matters most.

      • Brett says:

        I have high arched feet and already wear cushioned shoes, so these are intriguing…and I seem to only get about 300-325 miles before the shoes feel ‘dead’…so if I got another 100 miles it would make a fair tradeoff for sure.

  22. grae says:

    No mention of the new “Stinson” model out recently? For some reason it’s not on the Hoka site yet, but is available at Mountains Plus I know. Hopefully the sole is not quite as soft as the Bondi cuz mine wore in the forefoot quickly and I only run on dirt. Maybe I have a lazy stride? … and the cost is down to $160 a pair. Let’s keep that going!

    • karlmeltzer says:

      The Stinson is a road outsole, Mafate mid-sole with a new upper that’s between the Bondi and Mafate in width. Their dope.

      that from the man himself. I’ll probably have a pair on at Hardrock in two weeks…..the real mountain race. :-)

  23. ELB says:

    Thanks a lot for the research on the entry list.
    Like last year, it’s gonna be a pretty interesting race up-front ! Really looking forward to the live coverage.
    And we can be sure Kilian will try his best not to reproduce his dehydration of last year. And he also had a more reasonable preparation than last year, not crossing over the whole Pyrenees… Yet, as he has admitted himself (lousy translation from French):
    “On paper, it is not a race that I can win. Not enough mountains, not technical enough, too hot. But I will be back! The WS100 is the very root of ultra-trail, and this is why I need to be there.”

    Two other guys that could be added to your list for the top-10, even if they are unlikely to be in the top-3:
    Sim Yae-Duk from Korea.
    He is a very fitted runner. I don’t think he has been often to race in the States, but for instance he did participate to the Massanutten Mt. Trails 100 Miler, and won it in record time.
    Also, Shunsuke Okunomiya from Japan.
    A young runner, and it s gonna be his first 100 miles race. So chance that he explode in the last 20 miles are high, especially since he will suffer from the heat. But he has a good pedigree too.

  24. ELB says:

    Oopps, sorry, Sim Jae-Duk was on your list…
    Spell often change, that ‘s what got me wrong. Sorry !

  25. James says:


    See my comment and footfeathers- Sandi Nypaver for top 10…I watched her win grindstone and it was effortless. Also, I wore the Hokas at Highlands Sky and will wear them at Vermont…if Bondi B’s are on my feet for a top 10 finish…Nico needs to put my area code on speed dial. I could pimp these out to nurses up and down the East Coast!

  26. Brad G. says:

    Always fun to read your odds Karl, thanks! On a puffy note, a good friend of mine got his Stinsons, ran in them this morning and is beaming from ear-to-ear. Gotta get some soon. Nobody in Los Angeles stocks them yet. May have to roll the dice and order. Tough to decide between Mafate and Stinson though…

  27. dave j says:

    Thanks for the respect Karl! Are you running Saturday? You know I will go out hard and try and make INOV8 and GENr8 proud :). Someone said there might be some snow up there huh? Haven’t seen much of that down here in Arizona and Costa Rica ;). Pura Vida!

  28. Craig R says:

    I’m guessing if he is fit (why wouldn’t he be) that M6 -Gary Robbins would be right up there in the mix of things as well. Last I knew he was coming off injury to the foot?

    • karlmeltzer says:

      I was recently in Vancouver and learned that Gary re-broke his foot or something like that, and won’t be starting WS. He would be in it for sure if he were healthy running wise.

  29. Mark Tanaka says:

    I always enjoy reading your odds on these big races. But a glaring omission with the women, Karl. After you kept Pam Smith off the top 5 for Miwok (I knew she would be a contender to win), you left her off this list completely. Unless something goes bad, she’s a definite top 10.

    • karlmeltzer says:

      You are right Mark, I did miss Pam Smith, I also missied Sandi Nypaver from VA, she is also a contender. Pam though is probably the best of these two I missed. Like I said, “off the cuff”.

      When I look at the runners on the list of entrants, I usually see Ultrasignup and I don’t miss anyone, but WS has their own deal, so I had to scroll down and see the list that way. Even the bib numbers don’t really do justice, other than the top 10.

      Pam….prove me wrong! :-)

      Gonna be a barn burner out there!

  30. Collin says:

    Good race it looks like… almost half-way and Kilian is leading. I don’t know what’s up with Geoff, but he was 16 minutes back at mile 43, in 15th place, and 3 spots behind AJW, who I can bet is going to go top 10 once again, like I called above. :) Geoff’s obviously got an amazing close, so I guess we can’t count him out.

  31. Rob Youngren says:

    So are we going to get the Hardrock odds? Less than a couple weeks out! I’m being a bit selfish here :), and I know roads aren’t your thing, but could you do the odds on Badwater? Cool mountain trails is where I love to be, and 135 miles on the hot pavement is so far out of my comfort zone it’s scary! But there in lies the challenge and the appeal! Anyhow, it’s expected to be a very competitive field this year even in the absence of Jamie Donaldson. Some strong rookies this year, Wardian, and some men/women who’ve run fast at the Spartathlon…

  32. Andy Mc Breen says:

    Hi Karl,
    Went to WS and loved watching things unfold at Michigan Bluff. Killian’s stride reminded Me of a purebred Horse.Wow,
    this kid is an animal !!!!!. When are You going to place the Hardrock odds and how do You think the womans’ field will pan out for the top three??? Have a great time in the mountains. I am rooting for You.


    Andy Mc Breen

  33. karlmeltzer says:

    Killian is amazing, hopefully next year he’ll get in Hardrock and potentially take the Skaggs record down. He is one of those guys who can do it.

    Hardrock odds are coming, I’m hoping I’ll get them done by Friday.

    The Field at HR is not nearly as deep as Western, but the race to win is gonna be a good one out front.

    Stay tuned…..

  34. rms says:

    A SLC native I spoke to at WS wondered how you were going to pull SG off without some sort of snow course. I’m wondering that myself, having entered, the snow at WS100 was fun at first, then quite annoying. I got bitten by the zealous medical aidstation at Last Chance myself and was pulled from the race with rapid, shallow breathing. The volunteers seemed overworked and under some pressure to get racers out of there one way or another. Disappointing, but I’m over it. If I get in the lottery again, I’ve learned my lesson: Run through every medical aidstation like the devil was chasing you, and do not sit down under any circumstance or the volunteer doctors will take an interest in you :)

    • karlmeltzer says:

      Speedgoat will happen. If I have a “snow course” It’ll just be harder than the regular route. Just what I like.

      It’ll melt, the base is only 108″ now. :-) And believe me, that’s at a stick where it’s shaded and melts slower. South facing slopes and areas where the trail is are not 108″.

      There are only a few places where snow will stick in a month, and if it’s there, you’ll get to slide around a little bit more than normal.

      I can guarantee there will be a buttslide, maybe a few of them, at least I’ll be entertained.

      No whiners here!

  35. Rob Youngren says:

    @rms: The oldest trick in the long distance ultra racing book is to ALWAYS look/act your best when passing through a checkpoint (even if you aren’t feeling so!). The purpose is at least two fold: 1. to avoid the overzealous attention of medical personal and 2. to fool the rival crews that you look better than you might actually feel (they’ll report to their runner, “man he looked strong coming through…!” The trick is to be able to put on your game face as you come into view and be able to hold it until you’re passed the check point and are out of sight! :)

  36. Brad G. says:


    Looking to get my first pair of Hokas. Not sure whether the Stinson or Mafate is the better choice. I will be ordering them so no chance to try them on first. Any advice would be welcomed. Thanks and good luck at HR!

  37. Nick says:

    Brad G…..I just got a brand new pair of Stinson B in the same size as my Mafate and Bondi B…..beware they are a 1/2 to full size bigger then advertised…I ran in mine twice and am stuck with a shoe that drowns my foot.

  38. mike e. says:

    super stoked we’re going to carry hokas at my store! Karl, maybe you could come on up to the Tetons and do a little “talk” about them and help us sell the shit out of them this fall?! best if luck at hr!

  39. Rob Youngren says:

    Yeah sounds like Hoka needs to dial in their sizing. The WHITE Bondi B is about true to size, perhaps go up half a size. The GREY Bondi B fits way more narrow so you’d probably want a full size larger. Mafate seemed about true to size but they didn’t work for me, too much pronation control for the way I run. Haven’t tried Stinson’s yet.

  40. StephenJ says:

    If you are ordering Hokas online or wondering if you want to make the switch to the ugly clown shoes, you might want to buy them from If they don’t fit right or feel good when you run in them, just send them back. If you are lucky enough to live in the SLC area, you can pick them up and return them at the warehouse and save yourself some shipping. Not only does have a real nice return policy, they sponsor some of the coolest athletes on the planet.