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Time to start thinking about suffering again!  Registration will open on January 1st at 7am MST, at Ultrasignup.  Entries will be limited to 250 runners, up 50 from last year.  Some decent prize money, and a “bonus” for a record, is on tap this year again.  The course will remain the same as last year.  I think I have it now with our new start/finish area.  No more surprises, and noone is getting off course this time.  The official website for the Speedgoat 50k will updated soon, most info you see now will be the same for next year, other than a few random notes from the goat himself.    Stay tuned for my infamous “odds” on the North Face 50 after I undulge myself in some Thanksgiving fare.  I still need to throw on a few pounds after the Red Bull Human Express last month. I’ve had a few issues taking off the map of [...]

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The Red Bull Human Express is coming to a close.  I have one more media tour in NYC the next two days, then I’ll be back to reality and regular life.  Some of the info given may be a little confusing to some. 14 lbs of bacon was consumed by myself and crew.  I did not eat ALL of it.  I typically ate about 1-2 pieces every morning.  I think if I ate 14 lbs of bacon, I would smell like bacon!   After reading about my sponsor love, check the stats at the bottom.  Some cool stuff and numbers. Some real Sponsor love below, without these guys, this would not have happened! And here’s why it all worked: Red Bull:  What can I say about Red Bull.  I consumed a total of 143 cans in 40 days.  Typically I would sip about 1/2 can at each stop.  Occasionally I [...]

scream web studios | Websites como deven ser

Let the games begin!  Tomorrow morning I’ll be headed out to run approximately 2000 ish miles retracing the steps of the Pony Express Trail.  This run commemorates the 150th anniversary of those crazy mailmen on horses, running mail and messages from Sacramento, California to St. Joseph, Missouri.  It’ll be a long trek, a true adventure, and a mindboggling expedition.  I won’t have any indians to dodge like they did in 1860.  It’s about mental power, dealing with adversity, and simply running all day long.  This is a huge challenge for me….and I’m accepting it with open arms.  So bring it on!! The website will go live TOMORROW morning September 15th once I get the ball rolling.  It’ll be at Tune in tomorrow and track me along as I make my way east to St. Joe!