The Pony Express Trail is ON!

March 24 2010, 8:52 am

So much for running 100 miles at one pop!  It’s time to go big again….this time from Missouri to California.  It’s the 150th anniversary of the Pony Express Trail, so I’ll be teaming up with Red Bull to make it happen.  It’s all gonna start in mid September after I crew for my wife at the Wasatch 100.  More details to follow in the near future.

Before the mighty Pony Express 1840 miler, I’ll still run some big dances.  Here’s the list:

Zane Grey 50mi, April 24.
Jemez Mts 50mi,  May 22
Hardrock 100mi, July 9
RD Speedgoat 50k, July 31
Tour Du Mont Blanc, August 28

One might say I have a “light schedule” this year.  Not really the case, it’s more about focusing on winning Hardrock for a 6th time and running well at Mt. Blanc.  After that it’s all gravy running across the country….well at least half of it.

This past weekend I attended the opening of the brand spankin’ new Red Bulls Soccer Stadium near NYC.  Noone else goes above and beyond like Red Bull.  First class accomodations, heli rides for athletes, Knicks game, Red Bulls Soccer game, NYC nightlife….you get the picture.  I even got in a run between events…not a bad weekend in the big apple.
The Speedgoat 50k is still continuing to fill quickly! It is approaching the 60%  full mark.  Don’t wait too long, we’re only allowed 200 runners, and at this rate the $89 rooms are gonna get snagged in a hurry.
I’ll be off to Memphis on April 2, to promote a new store opening in the Memphis area, called “Breakaway Running”.  If you are in the area, come join us for discounts, a cool trail run and perhaps a few beers afterwards.  Guaranteed to be a fun time, and you may even find that these guys at the store know what they’re talking about. 🙂