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Go to the page Me to Ga 2008 under my left ear to read a somewhat brief writeup of the AT Assault. I will now get back to regular programming. There are still lots of great races coming up: Masochist, JFK, Javelina….just to name a few. Stay tuned for odds and other rambling from me. I’ll also start doing some gear reviews for some interested folks looking for christmas gifts….only gear I use and feel is worthy. Caoi for now, now go run for me cuz’ I’m gonna rest for a while! Use coupon code 2JV-1-QJE3H for 15% off almost everything sells! Christmas is coming…….and by all means pray for some freakin’ snow. It’s PowPow time!

scream web studios | Websites como deven ser

I’m on my way home from Denver now, and will be posting a report from the AT Assault. (Sorry Warren, I’m still gonna call it that) It’ll either be posted here or at And it’s gonna be good! In the Meantime, rememberTHIS IS THE ONLY SITEto go through to get the 15% DISCOUNT at Use Coupon Code 2JV-1-QJE3H for the deal on almost everything they sell. And has it all. Free Shipping Too. And that’s a quick wrap for now, Speedgoat Karl….Maine to Georgia 2008

scream web studios | Websites como deven ser

Check out for info on the Mt. Blanc race. Scott Jurek is running and is hopefully gonna kill it! Then get back to me, cuz’ I got lots of days left! Caoi for now!