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We had one glitch this year… things happen where a few lead runners took a wrong turn at Sinners Pass.  While the wrong turn was made, the distance is considered a wash as the route they took was .4 miles further than the loop around Mary Ellen Gulch.   There were roughly 6 runners that did a penalty lap down at Pacific Mine.  The runners with the asterisks have a time adjustment of 15 minutes to account for the extra distance they ran.  The penalty lap was on a flat section.  I ran this section to estimate the time deduction…so it’s pretty close.  Things happen…..Any of the runners that ran this penalty lap and are not adjusted, please contact me and I’ll take care of business to make it right.  In terms of prizes, it only affected a few lead runners. Check out some great photos from Pure Light Images, find [...]

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That’s 165.70 in miles!  The Jerker finally has rebounded taking “Fat Boy’s” american 24 hour record down, and Rae Clark’s “absolute american record”…whatever that means. !  We’ve been waiting for Scott to do something big….well, he did something big!   Hell of a run Scott!  Congrats on an incredible effort!  Maybe we’ll see you back at UTMB so we can all redeem ourselves there too.   I think he’s pretty psyched…well deserved my man!  

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On Monday morning Ultrarunning Magazine will announce the “Ultrarunners of the Year”.  Who’s it gonna be?  All we know is that it’s a tough vote.  So many variables, so many races, so many different circumstances, so many different courses.  I could go on and on and on, but I won’t.  Tune in Monday morning after I see the results for my two cents on the voting.  Some will rank higher than expected, some lower, some will see no love, some will be loved.   All for what?  Yah,  recognition, but not even a buckle?     Like many other races, the Speedgoat 50k is filling much faster than last year, it’s amazing how this is evolving in our world.   If you don’t like a beating stay home, if you do….register here, but read the instructions first to get an idea of what it’s like….it’s no picnic!  …..or is it?  Picnics are fun stuff.  [...]