I’ll stick to my strength…

November 20 2008, 10:30 am

Next up is the North Face 50, after looking at the most recent entry list, these odds are gonna be good!  Both the men’s and women’s race will be spectacular.  Ain’t it true that money talks and bullshit walks? $10,000 to win, $4000 for second and $1000 for third sums up the reason top competition shows up for this one.  I’ll post my odds on Friday.

And even though I can’t offer prize money….yet, the Speedgoat 50k applications will be available here only…online on December 1st.  Put this brutal run on your July 18 “things to do list”. 


It looks like the top runners are: 

Mark Lundblad
Paul Dewitt
Matt Lavine
Pete Breckinridge

Lundblad wins it in 6:07!  Connie Gardner runs relatively unchallenged in 7:15!

I posted the top 10 in the comments section.  Nice run Ian!!

I can’t even look at the women as I don’t even recognize any except Bethany Patterson.
Check this link for a good writeup of competition today: 


I won’t be googling 1000 names, I have golf to play right now.

Any way you look at it, the race will be a steamer, and once that towpath gets it’s first steps, the fastest runner on the flats will likely prevail.   We’ll see if Torrence wins the sprint points to the end of the AT at 15.5 miles!

In other news:  We’ve been yacking about the “Speedgoat of the Year”.  Instead of having a vote online, what’s better, a panel of 10 making the decision?, an online vote where the “refresh” key comes into play?

I say we select a panel of 10, but that’s my idea, most of us who comment on my site about it are certainly interested in making the right decision.  Maybe we’ll do both and see how it turns out.   Still a few more races to go.  It’s not over yet.

For me, my schedule for next year is looking like a bunch of 5k’s early season, then I’ll take on a few 10k’s by April.  I”ve decided to bag Western, as most already know….so I’ll go back to Silverton and have a relaxing two week camping vacation, then run through the San Juans for 101.7 miles of the best terrain on earth.  Then back to my roots here in the Wasatch mountains.   Keeping it simple in my old age.  The AT will wait till 2010 if all goes well, I have some unfinished business there…to say the least.

The Speedgoat 50k applications will go online on December 1st, for those who want to commit to the pain of running goat trails around Snowbird Ski Resort

And lastly….Just go run!  Get off the computer!!

….or at least go shopping on the computer and get somethin’ good for Christmas: