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Speedgoat 50k waitlist will close on June 30! 5


last chance folks to get on the waitlist,, there will be NO EXCEPTIONS after June 30.   

After enjoying the Western States Track Meet, stay tuned for the Hardrock 100 odds coming soon.

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  1. Anne Fkeming says:

    I want on the wait list please for Spoedgoat 50k


  2. karlmeltzer says:

    Anne if you want to be on the waitlist, you must go register on the registration page. go to the Speedgoat 50k page to do that. Otherwise……no can do…:-)

  3. Chris says:

    When will people on the wait list be informed that they can race?

  4. Brian says:

    I have been running in mafata’s for about a year now, I run on average 40 miles a week on the trails here in Asheville, NC. If I switch to the bondi’s what, if any, will be the difference I feel. My only concern since switching to Hoka is I feel I have lost a little bit climbing. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!


  5. Jake says:

    Any odds on the Speedgoat 50k? I read Tony K. will be there.