147″ and counting down…..I hope!

June 14 2011, 3:26 pm

Yep, there is still 147″ of snow at 9600′ on the Speedgoat course.  That’s alot, runners may be bumping into skiers come race day.  Won’t that be entertaining!

The race is now full, but we are accepting those still interested to join the wait list, typically we could have about 35 runners on that wait list, so don’t hesitate to at least put your name on it.  Go to the race page and hit “register” and it’ll bring you to Ultrasignup.   Please, if you can not run the race this year, let me know so I can take you off the list and move another eager mountain goat to join the fun.  If I am notified BEFORE the race, I will roll you over for next year…..but you gotta let me know before race day.  🙂  Or you lose.

This weekend, I’ll venture over to the San Juan Solstice 50 mile in Lake City, CO for a little half hundred jaunt through the eastern San Juans.  My plan is not to race it, but rather to run it like it is Hardrock, nice and methodical as always.  I will not push the pace with those few other fast guys.  It’s about Hardrock now and a fun training run at a higher altitude than I am getting here in Snow Lake City.  I can only reach 8000′ right now, so I can expect to be sucking wind on Saturday.   A few fast runners, including myself are running San Juan and Hardrock.  That S-Jay Dooooblay  (San Juan 50 and Hardrock) record might just go down this year, whatever it is.

When I return from Lake City, the Speedgoat Odds will be posted for the Track Meet in Squaw Valley.  It’s sure to be a barn burner, so stay tuned for my random predictions on Monday.

Sending over some good vibes to Tony Krupicka….I think it’s about time the running gods start treating him well!  He’s really had a tough go of it since Rocky Raccoon.  Get well my man!