Check this out!

December 18 2011, 1:37 pm

Jay Aldous throws it down again!!!  And I thought I was old and kinda fast.  🙂 

In Jay’s 3rd 100 since mid October…(yah, that’s 3 in 2 months time)  He’s run 3 fast 100s.  15:20 ish at Pony Express in mid October, 15:06 at Javelina in early November, and now a stunning 13:52 on a boring round 1/4 mile circle.  Yikes!  Jay now holds the world record, yah, world record for the fastest 50 mile, 100k, and 100 mile time for old guys.  That’s over 50, not 40.  Apparently he’s been drinking his Ultragen!  I think I better keep training. 

Hit this link for some more info on Jay’s great runnin’.

Speedgoatkarl’s 100 mile blend” is a roastin’, order it soon, or the stocking won’t be complete. 🙂

Speedgoat 50k registration will go online on January 1, at 7am MST.  I will also be updating the website sometime BEFORE registration starts.  I have a goal now.  🙂

Next post coming will be my year in review.  I’ll do my best to entertain everyone.