It’s been a slow start to 2010!

January 30 2010, 8:28 am

For me that is!  Performances continue to be stellar!

My 20 day hiatus from running in December had done me good!  My legs turned fresh again, and I was ready to roll.  I started back up and in two weeks, I was up to speed, feeling good and ready to have a decent run at the Moab 50k+ on February 13th.  I am still running Moab, but it’s starting to look like I’ll be in for just the fun of it,  as the past week I’ve logged a big 0 for miles.  Why?…You’ll have to ask me on the side, but things are improving and I should be back running in a few more days. 

The real question is:  Do I have that “autopilot” mode I know all too well?, or am I actually out of shape?  No Joe, I’m not sandbagging.  I’m by no means out of shape, but it’ll be interesting to see how I do with essentially very little miles under my belt over the  past 6-7 weeks.  Good thing it’s February.

On March 6th, the real test will come with the “autopilot” mode as I’ll be back at the big party in Ojai, California.  Something they call Dos Lunas.  A little bowling and some other entertaining events should make it fun no matter what happens. 

The cash has now been sent to Chamonix, so I’m committed to flying for 9 hours straight.  I’m not looking forward to flying for 9 hours to Geneva, but this one is worth every minute on that damn plane.   Geoff Roes and I plan on showing the great european runners that the US still has a couple fast 100 mile guys on the planet.   This time I’ll get my “unfinished business” in Chamonix taken care of.

No doubt the fast guys on the start line will be eyeing us this time…just like 2007.

Enough about me……

This coming weekend the Rocky Raccoon 100 happens down in Texas.  It’s been snowing in northern Texas.  Although it’ll probably melt quick, who knows, maybe it’ll snow on them this year.  It’s been quite a year in the weather department.   Here’s how I see the race panning out:

The Ladies:

1. Jamie Donaldson….becoming a 100 mile legend
2. Connie Gardner….her type of terrain
3. Anita Ortiz….she’s a mountain girl, but who knows
4. Jenny Chow….not as fast, but she ran a bunch of 100s last year too, and pretty quick

The Men:

1. Greg Crowther….fastest guy, somewhat of a rookie, but hey, 5:50 at JFK puts him on top
2. Nick Coury….he’ll team up with his bro
3. Jamil Coury….ditto
4. Dink Taylor…..he told me he’d never run 100 after Leadville?  he’s addicted
5. Scott Eppelman….his neck of the woods
6. Paul Hopwood….just ran HURT, so we’ll see how he recovers
7. John Allen….Utah boy tapping into 100s.  He’s got some speed.
8. Jimmy Dean Freeman….if he eats enough sausage, he’ll have a great day

Speedgoat 50k filling fast, time to enter now and commit! still makes deals even this time of year.  Check em’ out here, or pay full price somewhere else.

Check out what I’ve been shoveling over the past 7 weeks here….real live fun…kid style!