Let the “Bunny meter” grow

December 12 2011, 7:37 am

Finally we’ve got a 100 mile race with a real purse!  The “Goal” is to bring the purse to $100,000, where the world’s best 100 mile runners can chase each other around Steamboat, Colorado, and actually go home with some real money to pay the mortgage, or perhaps even buy a car.  The 100k is not yet set in stone.  10k is set in stone at the moment, and the remaining 90k will be raised through sponsors, entry fees (yah, I know, some folks balk at that), and perhaps some donations from fine folks who want to see a real race, with real carnage, all because of money.   Everyone likes money, everyone likes schwag, everyone likes to win a prize.  We can’t deny it, it’s what life is.  For most folks, unfortunately, it’s about money, you gotta have some to earn a living.  Ultrarunners need to earn a living too. If a basketball or football player can earn 10 million bucks in a single season, why can’t us ultrarunners, who work ALOT harder earn a little dinero too.  Perhaps one of those b-ball players could donate the entire purse.  Shit, they wouldn’t even miss it.

What’s the real beauty of this race?   It’s in Steamboat, Colorado.  Put on by a real race director, with real experience, and a real passion to drive the sport to a new level.  What does this really mean?  Not really a whole lot.  A big pile of cash will be donated to local charities in Steamboat and neighboring communities.  A place where they need the money most.  That is very cool.  This is not a “non-profit” type organization, where the RD’s get a salary and say they don’t make money so they can benefit on the tax form.   The RD’s are not in this to make money, they are in this to see a real big dance, some real carngage, and a few really happy smiles on the top 5 guys and gals who cross the finish line.

And then there’s the rest of the field.  The elite field runs for the money.  The “tortoise field” runs for some money, but all the schwag, just like a normal 100 mile run.   We all pay the entry fee, elites and non-elites.  It wouldn’t be fair to comp any elites if some of prize money comes from entry fees.   What’s really cool is the elite field will start 5 hours after the “tortoise” field, allowing those slower folks to watch the race evolve.  Some folks don’t care about that either, but I can assure you, when some 10 guys go running by 65 miles into the race, it’ll be cool to see what happens after that, where the real race begins. 

With so many 100 mile races now in the US, this one will hopefully raise the bar in terms of cash prizes.  If other sports can have cash prizes, why can’t we? 

And, lastly, what we WILL see at this race, is beer, fine food, and camaraderie at the finish line, with all the “hares”.   This ain’t no bullshit where regular folks can’t hang out with the best in the business, cuz’ the hares like beer too!

We all know there will be some naysayers on this, talking about how the sport is “grass roots”, but I can assure you,  the grass roots approach is still there, it just comes with a big check at the end, and it’s not going in the RD’s pocket at this one.

The website for the big dance (nope, it’s not a “championship”) is coming soon.  I’ll post it here when it’s up, so stay tuned for more info on the Steamboat 100, coming soon!  Yippity doo, it’s here…

In the meantime, keep in mind, the Speedgoat 50k entries will go online on January 1.  Our entry fee went up a little, only to give a better schwag bag for ALL runners.  Patagonia, Drymax, and Speedgoatkarl’s 100 mile blend for everyone.  Pretty hard to beat that!  Not to mention First Endurance, Ryders Eyewear and Ultraspire are on board as sponsors already.  Let the games begin for 2012! 

Lastly, I’m officially 0-4 in the Western States Lottery, I”ll certainly be staying away from Vegas in the near future.  Kinda a bummer as my goal was to go after Neal Gorman’s Grand Slam record.  I guess it’ll have to remain safe for yet another  year….unless Mr. Wardian gives it a go…… I guess not getting in Western States was a good thing, cuz’ now I can run the two best races  this summer, Hardrock and Steamboat, the real Colorado double.

For more yack on the Steamboat 100, go vist Irunfar, I think comments are up to about 150….some of it’s pretty entertaining!