Now what?

October 13 2012, 6:24 am

Well, my 4 week roadtrip is over.  I put 6000 miles on my Tacoma.  It seemed to blow by even faster than my fastest 100 miler.  So….what do I do now?  Shall I run a local race?  chill out and wait for the snow to fly?, or look into another 100 miler to try and win 4 this year?  My body at the moment says “no”.  My mind says “yes”.  I should rest right?  I”m not really sure I know what “rest” means.  I never overtrain, so it’s fair to say I rest plenty. 

I am gonna miss the Pinhoti 100.  It’ll be interesting to see how a stronger field competes at that one and how low the record can go. It can go quite a bit lower than my 16:42.  I slowed down alot when I had a 2 hour lead last year.   Needless to say, it’ll likely go down this year, and possibly into the 15’s. There are a few guys in that field that can do it. 

JFK is on the radar, Hellgate is on the radar and the NF50 is also on my radar, any suggestions? 

What I really can’t wait for is the infamous Luge Run.  This year it’s coming back bigger and faster with a section that breaks apart and rejoins, so we can race two at a time.  Just wait till the video comes out on that one. All I need now is snow…..but not yet mother nature, I have  a few miles left in the Wasatch before it gets buried.

So onward I go, working on recovery from my two recent 100s.  Oh yah, I guess I’ll start working on that Honey Do list too, it’s pretty long.  to the tile saw…….

And from a sales pitch note:  Don’t forget to order up the Speedgoatkarls’ 100 Mile Blend.  My famous coffee that creates fast 100 mile runs.  I guess that’s my secret.  Make it in an Aero Press, every morning I wake up, I brew up a perfect cup and it’s an instant…..ahhhhhhh, that’s so good.  Sample it now for a stocking stuffer gift.  Now go run!