Pacheco wins Ultra #2…Rocky Raccoon

February 6 2008, 2:38 pm

Jorge Pacheco, without Anton Krupicka at his heels, nailed down another stellar time at RR with a textbook 14:12. The number is up to beat for the fastest 100 of the year. Jorge also won the Avalon 50 a few weeks earlier to make it 2 for 2. The race for Speedgoat of the Year 2008 is on!

Jen Davis took home the women’s crown with a comfy 20:01. Jenn Shelton stayed out of this one, but her record of 14:49 remains set in stone.

100 mile race #2 is now in the books. Susitna is next in the frozen Tundra of Alaska! The Speedgoat 50k course now sits buried under a150″ base. The epic race in Utah may be on frozen tundra in July!

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-Speedgoat Karl