Speedgoat 50k 2014 and some golf to boot

October 13 2013, 9:42 am

Next year’s race will open registration on January 1, 2014 at 7am MST.   I expect to see the race fill quickly.  Last year we filled in about 3 weeks, this year, I”m gonna guess one week. So make sure you’re on it this time. I will have a waitlist active, but don’t expect it to move until around June.   Go to the Speedgoat race page for more info. 

On the docket for this year is a potential for a higher prize purse, a bigger field, and as always, some stellar competition from some of the world’s best ultrarunners.  Expect to see world class aid station, a first class event, and a good time had by all, especially me, who will be highly entertained as runners cross the finish line.  I might throw in a few more hills too…..maybe. 

And what’s up with me?  This marks the 17th year I’ve been ultrarunning.  Since my first Ultra in 1996, (the Wasatch 100), I”ve been compiling stats, running really far, and getting older as I go along. Am I getting slower?  Eh….Not necessarily, I just have to go further to compete with the ridiculously fast trail runners to hit the scene the past few years. I still haven’t seen too many jump into the 100 miler scene yet, so I guess I still have a minor advantage…..which of course is “patience”, and knowing that “100 miles is not that far”.

To this date, I’ve now completed 63…100  mile races, nearly 120 ultras with just over 50 wins.  35 of those wins at the 100 mile distance.  Will I ever win another one?  That’s a good question, which remains to be seen.  At age 45, I suppose my days are numbered, but what I do feel now, is that “I’m not quite done yet”.   I have some pretty intriguing plans for 2014.  I’m still motivated to run every day, regardless of how I feel. I guess that’s a good thing, as I usually see many top ultrarunners get a “real” job after age 45.  My job is to run……so I will run.

In the meantime, I’ve always said my second career is to play golf after age 50.  No, I”m not good enough to play on the senior tour. A 2.5 handicap at age 16 hasn’t really stuck with me. Although I don’t play that much anymore, I am qualified to play in the……are you ready for this?  the “Speedgolf World Championships”  to be held at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort on the Oregon coast.  Yup, Speedgolf.  On the roster:  Bernard Lagat, Nick Willis to name a few, and Speedgoat Karl.   Check it out on  It’s gonna be live, and highly entertaining as I run as fast as I can, hit a little white ball in a 4.25″ cup at top speed….wearing Hokas.   I’ll post results when I return.  The date for the event is October 26th, 2013…pretty damn soon, better wipe the dust of those clubs, and perhaps take them out of the closet first. 

Now go run, cuz’ 100 miles is not that far!