Speedgoat 50k entry info, and some other random stuff….

December 4 2012, 1:15 pm

About time eh?  I’ve been a little off the radar lately.

I’m sure we’ll be yacking about “Ultrarunner of the Year” soon.   This week’s NF50 didn’t have too much of an affect on the voting.  

I took a quick jaunt down to Lake Elsinore, CA and ran the Chimera 100 on November 17th.  Great course, great race and Fabrice Hardel was on fire, winning it in 16:52. I came staggering in, in 2nd at 17:30.   Not gonna win 4 this year.  🙂   3 ain’t bad though….  Onward

Speedgoat 50k 2013 will be held on July 27th, at 6:30am.

Registration will go online on January 1st at 7am MST.  I wouldn’t expect it to fill up instantly, that would amaze me, but keep an eye on it, don’t wait till May this time. 

We are also proud to announce we are once again in partnership with the ISF, and will be an International Sky Race Series Event.  Just like last year, some fast guys and gals from the other side of the earth will be racing.  It will be a great spectator friendly race once again.   The “rulebook” has been slightly modified, so make sure you read those before or after you enter.  I haven’t updated the page yet, but that’s next.  After January 1, it’ll all be live. 

We’ll have a solid prize purse like last year.

We are taking 325 applicants, and we’ll have a waitlist for the slackers….

Check back soon on the “Race Page“.   A few minor things, but no course changes, same hills.  

Now go run!