Speedgoat Festival Weekend is now a reality, with a few other tidbits to share.

November 3 2014, 5:35 pm

We’ve had a few meetings recently on having multiple races on Speedgoat weekend 2015 at Snowbird Ski Resort.  It has now become a reality. We will have 3 races over the course of 3 days. All of em’ will be hard, all of them will hurt, in a sadistic sort of way. Here’s the lineup:

Friday, July 24.  The “Speedgoat Vertical Mile”.  This is NOT a one mile race.  It is a race with one mile of vertical ascent, with NO vertical descent.  How do we achieve this at a ski resort with only 3000′ of vertical drop?  We bring lifts into the dynamic.  The race will start at Creekside at Snowbird, the same location as the “Speedgoat 50k”.   Runners will run to the top of the Peruvian Express chairlift on some service roads and singletrack. Total gain from the start line is 2600′.  Runners will cross a timing mat, and then be forced to get on the chairlift and DOWNLOAD to the Snowbird base (where the tram is located).  Directly when runners get off the chair at the bottom, you will run over the timing mat and the clock will begin running again.  We will have a simple aid station located here.  Runners will then run back to Hidden Peak at Snowbird.  This climb is 2900′ of gain. This route will be entirely different than the first, and it’ll be much steeper and tougher. The finish line is on Hidden Peak.  The clock stops. Total time of two ascents will be the race total.  Runners will not be able to “rest” in between climbs, the only rest you’ll get is on the chair load down.  Sounds kinda fun eh?

Saturday, July 25.  Standard “Speedgoat 50k”.  33 ish miles,  12,000′ of climb, 12,000′ of descent.  We all know everyone likes this one.  🙂 

Sunday, July 26/  The “Speedgoat Quadbanger”.  Just in case you haven’t had enough of a beating, or in case you only like to run downhill, we bring you the “Speedgoat Quadbanger”.  This race will start at Hidden Peak at Snowbird.   Registered runners will ride the tram to the summit at 10:30 and 10:45 (if we need two trams).  The race starts on the peak and descends rapidly to the base at the Peruvian Express lift. First descent is a total of 2900′ in about 2.4 miles.  Runners will load on the Peruvian Express lift and go back up 2400′, unload, then run down again. We’ll repeat this 3 times.  Same gig as the Vertical mile with chips.  No time will count while on the lift.  We are working on a solution for this, which will be ironed out soon, but the goal is to NOT give anyone any real rest, with the exception of the lift ride. Total descent:  10,100′.  I may just add a little uphill after getting off the lift where we’d run down the ridge trail as opposed to the service road.  This is yet to be determined. All I can say now is to plan on it being difficult and painful.

Registration will go online for these races on January 5, 2015 at 7am  MST.  The entry fee for the standard 50k will remain at 99 bucks.  Entry fees for the other two races are TBD at this point, and there will be a small discount for those that plan on running all 3.  I figure it’s pretty hard to put on a 100 mile race at Snowbird, as many folks have asked me about, so we came up with a tough 3 races, over the entire weekend.  Join us for the “innaugural event”.  

There will be a prize purse for all three races, the majority of it will go to the 50k as one may expect, but we’ll have something for those who plan to go hard a the other two.  There will also be a cash prize for the fastest combined time for all three, at least $500 bucks.  

Nope, we are no longer a skyrunning event, if you want to earn points, you can’t earn them here, you can only earn hooves.

Stay tuned for more updates soon about the 50k purse, the entry process and a description of the routes.  I’m sure you’ll fine them all easy.  🙂

Coaching services are still available for 2015, click on my coaching services page if interested for more details.