Time to Grind it one more time.

October 4 2012, 5:49 am

I just can’t get enough eh?  Tomorrow evening at 6pm,  I”m firing up the Hokas again and running another classic 100 miler in Virginia, the Grindstone 100 near Swoope.  Clark Zealand puts on a great race and a tough course in central Virginia. I’ve been here before, in 2009….won it and have the course record of 18:46.   It’s always fun defending!

Looks like Mr. Jason Schlarb wants some more abuse and this time I bet he gets it done in fashion.  His run at Steamboat 3 weeks ago came up a bit short due to a wrong turn and I’ve been informed that he is “hungry”. I think he should eat something. 

Although one would think with my last performance at Steamboat, that I am the man to beat? I”m not so sure about that. Jason is faster no doubt, so if he plays his cards right, doesn’t stumble around in the dark, look for him to have a great run, I”m hoping he does.  

I’ve been on a road trip since Steamboat. I jumped in my car on Sunday after the race, gave my “money” to my wife and headed out. 🙂  It’s been a great ride for me, I arrived in VT on Tuesday evening, to torrential downpours, but woke up to a stellar day.  I then started to get my AT fix on, running and hiking on the AT in Vermont and NH for about a week.  I got my fix, and I”m itching to get back….there’s just something about that long green tunnel that inspires me…I really want to go back and give it another run at the record.

I guess I’ll first try and pull off #34.  If not, no biggie, I get to run all day supported, and  that is priceless.  Whether or not Neal Gorman, Jason Schlarb or Chris Reed beats me, that’s ok, but we’ll see, this old man knows how to run 100 miles, it’s really not that far, and before I know it, I”ll be back in SLC  luging in two months….

And congrats to Max King for winning UROC, Killian Jornet for winning again in Europe, holding off Tony K and Dakota J.   It was a great week in racing, and although it’s a small race coming in Virginia, I get to go do it again…