Time to start thinking about training?

December 29 2010, 7:24 am

So the new year is upon us.  For all those procrastinators…including myself, it’s now time to pick up where we left off in November. Yah, I ran Hellgate, but it was a “fun run”. I’ve take a minor break this past month, only running about 35 miles a week to recharge the engine.  It’s now time to start coaching myself to get back on the throttle and let er’ rip.

My initial plan was to take a run at the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning, but I couldn’t get in Western States so I changed the plan………   

My season ahead is looking pretty solid, with a few races I haven’t done before, including the San Juan Solstice 50 mile.  SJS is one of those races that always fell in front of Hardrock, so I avoided it.  This year, I plan on running SJS as a tune-up for a run at the Rocky Mountain Slam record.  It’s time to throw down a bunch of 100s again to see if I still have it at age 43.  yah, 43.  Time sure flies when we’re having fun. 

I’ll be missing one of my favorite races in Hawaii, the HURT 100.  This beast takes place in a few weeks, and the field looks pretty strong for a run in the jungle.  We’ll see if Gary Robbins can hang on to his stellar record of 20:28.  This one is a winner, and if you haven’t run it, put it on the to-do list….if you want a beating.

And for a real beating in only 50k, entry for the Speedgoat 50k begins this coming Saturday at 7am MST.  Don’t miss out on entering this year!  It’s hard to say how fast it’ll fill up.  I would say, just keep checking back once in a while.  The runners list will be constantly updated on Ultrasignup as it progresses. 

I guess I’ll go run now!

And it’s still snowing hard here, after this coming dump, we’ll be close to 300″ for the year….yah, 300″, that’s alot, even for Little Cottonwood Canyon by the end of December. 🙂