Where have I been?

March 13 2014, 2:04 pm

Good question eh?  Once again, I’ve fallen off the radar a bit, running around trying to stay ahead of the game.  I always seem to be so far behind…However, today, I am ahead. I was able to run pain free for a whopping 8 miles.  After completing the Moab 55k a few weeks back, I had a hard time recovering from a lingering minor calf strain.  It is no longer lingering and I am finally back at it.  I’ve been travelling alot in support of the Wings for Life World Run, a global event for spinal cord injury research.   This “charity run” will happen in 3 locations in the US, and 34 other locations on 5 other continents.  Hit that link and check it out. I’ll be running in Denver if you’d like to come join me for a great cause.

I’ve been golfing to stay sane, with all the busy-ness I’ve encountered this past winter. I played Doral in Florida, and a bunch of courses in Salt Lake, due to our warm spring temps.  Speedgolf is on the radar this year, so I’m practicing more at my “efficient technique”. Best round so far.  77 in 58 minutes, with lots of lollygagging.  Bernard Lagat, you better watch out for the Speedgoat in October!

In other big news. I am now making a formal mention that I’ll be headed back to Mt. Kathadin in Maine for another run at the AT record.   I”m sure I’ll get some negative response, but keep in mind…this is all about being on that amazing trail, moving quickly and efficiently, and giving it all the respect I can possibly give it.  If I fail, or fall behind a potential record, I am jumping in our vehicle and coming home.  I won’t complete it this time if the record can’t go down.  There will be no blog, no circus, and no listening to people tell me that hikers are faster than runners. Or visa versa….there is no difference, one person just moves a bit quicker and takes more risks.   So there you have it.  Oh yah, I”m gonna run Western States before the AT too.  Because 100 miles is not that far.

The Speedgoat 50k now has very close to 500 runners on the list, it’s gonna be a barn burner, and if there are any coorporate sponsors out there interested in getting involved with the most badass 50k in the US, go hit my coaching page and grab my email, and send me a note.  This year’s field is thicker than the blue bells in Mineral Basin.  Lots of dough on the line, and I’m not talking pizza.

This coming Sunday, I’ll be hanging at the “Roost” in Denver.  Yup, the Runners Roost.  Show up around 4pm and we’ll go for a run and shoot the shit. Hit the link here for more details.  We will also be demo-ing the new  Hoka One One’s.  Come take em’ for a ride.

Now go run, cuz’ it’s a nice day!