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Well, my plans for 2011 are finally shaping up, I’ve plunked down all the cash I have.  Hopefully I won’t break my arm climbing over some dead tree again. The lineup: 1.  Rocky Raccoon 100:  I’ve never run this one before, so I thought since it’s 100 miles, I’ll go see what kind of shape I’m in.  We’ll see if I’m recovered now after the Red Bull Human Express.  The Hellgate 100k showed I was not ready yet, but I am feeling better and a bit more speedy now….so we’ll see.  I hear Mr. Krupicka is running too in Texas.  He’ll be flying, so no pressure on me. 2.  Antelope Island 100 mile:  This one is still up in the air as Coyote Two Moon is the following week, but I may see how Rocky Raccoon goes and take it from there.  Running two 100s in a row would be [...]

scream web studios | Websites como deven ser

Timmy Parr takes the dance at 17:27!  A fast start weeded out the field, but a few guys hung tough to the end.  Nick Lewis from Memphis, TN placed a strong second in his first 100 mile adventure and paid 13-1. He plans on spending his winnings on prep for next year.  I had the pleasure of running the last 13 miles with this year’s bride’s maid, running the fastest split of the day for the last 13 miles.   Tony K had issues at roughly mile 70 and had to bail after the Fish Hatchery.  Never underestimate the distance. Darcy Africa was leading early with all smiles thru Twin Lakes.  I’ll do my best to report the women’s winner….if I can stay awake.   Watch the race live at:  www.leadvilletrail100.com It’s about that time again to see if I can pick’em at the Leadville 100.  The guys and gals [...]