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Yah, there’s a few missing from around the world, but look here and see how many fast americans are making the jump over the pond!  UTMB is surely gonna be the race of the year.  WS has lots of fast guys and gals too, but lacks many European runners, and a few fast US runners that can’t seem to survive the lottery, including myself.  Killian Jornet certainly represents the fastest Euro, but many other European runners have a slim chance to get in WS and Hardrock, or don’t want to spend the cake to get here….I don’t blame them.  It’s expensive to travel 5000 or so miles. The list of runners in the lottery for Hardrock is far deeper than it’s ever been.  #1, #2, #4, and #7 in the US are all on the list for HR, but what’s the chance of them all getting in?  We’ll just say it’s pretty slim.  They’ll all race at WS if they don’t [...]

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No doubt this will be the toughest “odds” I’ve ever done.  Picking the winners of this great race is certainly gambling.  The heat plays a huge factor.  A few WS rookies up front stand out as big overall favorites, but it’s a long way from Squaw to Auburn, and anything can happen. Some of the fast men and women will drop, that’s a given.  Let’s hope it’s real close at the end..I call it the “Track Meet”, wouldn’t it be cool if the last 300 meters decided the race?  I guess I’m dreaming.  Good Luck to all!! Bear with me as I’m working on my site! This just heard through the grapevine…$2000 TO MALE/FEMALE WHO BREAKS THE FASTEST TIME! Thanks Pearl Izumi for showing the race directors prize money should be handed out with that cool trophy!  What makes this even better, is PI is not even a sponsor….. 1. [...]

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Miwok 100K happens Saturday, the field is “pretty solid”. Here’s my picks: THE MEN 1. Anton Krupicka 5-2.  We all know if he has no injury issues, he should be gone daddy gone.  He’s been training hard, comes from 8000′ ish and should be able to challenge Mac Daddy’s record if has his day in the sun. 2.  Gary Robbins  3-1.  He should push Anton off the line, we’ll see if he challenges him, chances are he’ll hold on for 2nd and not be too concerned about winning, 2nd is probably all he’s looking for. 3.  Mike Wardian 4-1.  If he’s not over-raced, he’ll challenge for 2nd with Gary, he’s run pretty well on these trails at the North Face races in the past.  4.  Hal Koerner  5-1.  Great run at Lake Sonoma, he’s fit, but has no pressure to run up front, he’s already gonna dance at Squaw Valley anyway.  He’s the [...]