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After running 100 miles on the flattest route ever, my body has come to realize 100 miles, really, is not that far.  But I already knew that.  Running a PR on 6 weeks of training certainly has me encouraged for the upcoming season.  There were only a few days training over the past 6 weeks where I averaged a faster pace then my run at Rocky Racccoon.  Yah, I’m encouraged.  I ran in the new Hoka shoe, the Bondi B.  8.8 ounces, super comfortable, and a perfect shoe for the Huntsville singletrack.  I”m not quite sure where the roots were out there, it was smooth as silk in the forest. For a belated report on that one, click here. The Bondis are NOW AVAILABLE at Wasatch Running Center here in Sandy, Utah. Time to Fly! Now almost through winter along the Wasatch Front, the temps today will reach 50+ degrees and [...]

scream web studios | Websites como deven ser

Yah, there’s a few missing from around the world, but look here and see how many fast americans are making the jump over the pond!  UTMB is surely gonna be the race of the year.  WS has lots of fast guys and gals too, but lacks many European runners, and a few fast US runners that can’t seem to survive the lottery, including myself.  Killian Jornet certainly represents the fastest Euro, but many other European runners have a slim chance to get in WS and Hardrock, or don’t want to spend the cake to get here….I don’t blame them.  It’s expensive to travel 5000 or so miles. The list of runners in the lottery for Hardrock is far deeper than it’s ever been.  #1, #2, #4, and #7 in the US are all on the list for HR, but what’s the chance of them all getting in?  We’ll just say it’s pretty slim.  They’ll all race at WS if they don’t [...]

scream web studios | Websites como deven ser

So the new year is upon us.  For all those procrastinators…including myself, it’s now time to pick up where we left off in November. Yah, I ran Hellgate, but it was a “fun run”. I’ve take a minor break this past month, only running about 35 miles a week to recharge the engine.  It’s now time to start coaching myself to get back on the throttle and let er’ rip. My initial plan was to take a run at the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning, but I couldn’t get in Western States so I changed the plan………    My season ahead is looking pretty solid, with a few races I haven’t done before, including the San Juan Solstice 50 mile.  SJS is one of those races that always fell in front of Hardrock, so I avoided it.  This year, I plan on running SJS as a tune-up for a run at the Rocky Mountain Slam record.  [...]